Extend your battery time using Snapdragon BatteryGuru

Longer battery life? A dream and demand of every smartphone owner out there? Android is vastly growing platform with millions of different android devices around the globe. But still there is major flaw in android that is App ecosystem. There are most of application on the Google Play that are not optimized well. Even Android OS itself is not so optimized though Google is now focusing on it optimization and improving the user experience. Today, the most expensive android devices such as Note 5, S6, Xperira Z3 etc fails to deliver a long lasting performance due to apps we use on our phone.

Snapdragon BatteryGuru promise to enhance your batter timing by optimizing your app usage on your Android phone. BatteryGuru automatically learns from your device usage during certain period of time and then start optimizing the app usage to deliver best battery timings. There are mixed reviews about this app on the Google Play by app users. However, we think it’s worth a shot. You can download Snapdragon BatteryGuru for free from Google Play Store. There is no ads or premium version of this app. This little apps size around 10Mb and does not require too much processing.

Download BatteryGuru from Google Play Store:

  • Open Google Play and search for “Snapdragon BatteryGuru”
  • Download and Install the app.
  • Now go through the app tutorial and give some learning time to the app.

Alternatively, you can download the app directly from here.

Give some time to app some days before expecting any serious results from this app. However, this app also comes with a power saver mood. Which can be activated manually or automatically on low battery. Do you have any other apps in mind? Do share your thoughts via comments below.

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