Meet The First Android App Made By Apple

Apple has finally made its first app for Android operating system. The first app from Apple is “Move to iOS” which enables Android users to copy their data to their iPhone or iPad.

move to ios

Move to iOS is available right now in Play Store and is available to download for free. It is only useful if you want to move your data to your iOS devices. The app will transfer data wirelessly over a secure and private WiFi network. First you have to select “Move Data from Android” in iPhone Setup and you’ll be given a code. You’ll have to put this code in Move to iOS app. The connection will be established instantly and most of your data will be copied to your iOS device.

The content which is currently supported is messages, contacts, photos, videos, bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars and free apps. Paid apps not supported by this service. You’ll have to purchase the paid apps again in the Apple App Store. Any Android device running at least Android 4.0 is supported and any iOS device with iOS 9 installed is supported.

Download Move to iOS

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