Android Lollipop is Now The Third Most Used Android Version

Android market share of this month is out. Android Lollipop is now the 3rd most used Android version across the world. Lollipop crossed the 10 percent mark back in June and now, 3 months later, it got its market share doubled. 18.1% of Android devices were running on Android Lollipop till last month.

Android Lollipop market share


KitKat is the most used Android version right now with 39.2% installs compared to 39.3% last month. On the 2nd position is Android Jelly Bean which has 31.8% installs across all Android devices. Gingerbread still has a market share of 4.1% despite being more than 4 years old. Ice Cream Sandwich is being used by 3.7% users.

Android is still unable to complete with iOS when it comes to how many devices are running the latest version of the operating system. One of the reasons behind this is that Android devices are made by a number of manufacturers but iOS devices are made by Apple only.

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