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L Camera Best Android App for DSLR like Photography

Previously we saw, Camera MX free android camera app for daily use with some very useful features which can are only available in some paid android apps. However, if you more like photography geek and really know how to tweak manually camera settings to capture best Photos, then you are in luck. L Camera is an open source, under development camera app which uses new Android lollipop camera 2 api to provide some enhanced functionality. L Camera is app not available at Google Play Store. How you can download it from github page.

Here are some feature of L camera app:

  • True manual focus (adjustable focus distance)
  • Manual exposure time (0.8″ to 1/75000)
  • Manual ISO (40 to 10000)
  • DNG output support
  • 30-fps full-resolution burst mode (up to 20 images) with optional exposure bracketing
  • 30-fps full-resolution (3264×2448) video recording on Nexus 5
  • 30-fps 4K UHD (3840×2160) video recording on Nexus 6
  • Experimental 60-fps video recording at 1080p on Nexus 5
  • Experimental 120-fps video recording at 800×600 on Nexus 5

To download L camera follow the below steps:

  • Download L Camera app apk from here.
  • Copy it to your phone.
  • Go to settings> settings and enable “Unknown Resource”.
  • Tap on L camera apk and install.

L Camera allow you to manually adjust focus, ISO and exposure time just like DSLR. You can tweak as much till you find the right settings to take the perfect shot. One downside of this app is it does not have many feature like other available camera apps. The Developer say this app is for testing new api and does not provide features like filters etc. You can also capture videos at supported range by your device. If you want you can further tweak the app to capture 60-Fps and 120-FPS videos by changing library file at your own risk. You can read further about this app at Git Hub page.

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