Pushbullet for Android Introduces Full SMS Conversations on Your Computer

Untill now Pushbullet has been showing you the notifications on the arrival of SMS messages and letting you reply right away. But in today’s update, Pushbullet introduced full SMS support. Pushbullet now got a separate tab for SMS and it will show you all of your SMS conversation there which means you can now chat with anyone on SMS using your Computer.

Once you update your Pushbullet Android app from Play Store, you’ll get a separate tab for SMS on your PC, Mac or Chrome extension. You will still get the notification for incoming messages like before and now you will be able to open the full SMS conversation so that you can chat with ease.


You will see a list of conversations on the left side and you can select any conversation you want. It is just like the SMS from your Android smartphone moved to your computer on the big screen. Messages are, of course, sent through your phone. It’s just the messages are perfectly synced between your phone and computer. All of your SMS messages are still there on your smartphone too. So if you are moving somewhere, you can continue the conversation where you left it on your PC.

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