Samsung is Developing an 11K Mobile Display, Will be Ready in 2018

Most people still have not got their hands on 4K displays and the Korean manufacturer, Samsung has started developing an 11K display for mobile devices. Yes, you read it right, Samsung is currently developing an 11K display for mobile devices which will produce a pixel density of 2250ppi.

Samsung has partnered with 13 companies and Korean government to develop this mind blowing display. The Korean Ministry of Science and ICT will invest $26.5 million US dollar in this project. It is projected that the prototype of this display will be ready before Olympics 2018.

11K display will produce a 3D like effect on mobile devices without even wearing the glasses. Because in theory if more numbers of pixels are combined in one place, there is higher the chance of producing an optical illusion of 3D, without wearing any specialized glasses. Some displays with 500+ppi also feel like 3D sometimes if the situation is right. So 11K display might actually produce a 3D effect on mobile devices. We will have to wait to see if it does.


One more question that comes to our mind is, will Samsung be able to produce a battery large enough to power that kind of display for a day or two? Well that is another challenge for Samsung and we hope to hear about it soon from Samsung.

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