Timely, An Alternative to Android Alarm Clock App

You might be thinking why on the earth, someone want an alternative to alarm app? After looking at Timely you may need a second thought about your stock alarm clock. Timely the best and gorgeous material design alarm app we have ever seen. Timely unlike traditional alarm clock gives you a minimal and crisp user interface.

The best thing about timely is you can set an alarm by swiping from the left edge of the screen and use gestures for adjusting the time slot.  Swipe from the edge of the screen to select the desired time slot after that tapping above or down will adjust time by 5 minutes.


Another amazing feature is Smart Rise based on sleep theory, which will starts waking you up 30 min before the regular alarm slowly and gradually. This will wake you in a good mood. You can also backup and synchronize your alarms across devices. All your devices will play the alarm in the perfect swing and if you dismiss the alarm on one device it will automatically cancels the alarm on the other devices.


Timely, aims that you never miss an alarm that means no matter what happens you will hear the alarm sound. Unlike other alarm clocks, timely offers a fun and challenge based way to dismiss or snooze alarms which will surely need your senses. Last but not least, you can customize Timely according to your taste. You can use Timely design tool, to change the colors or do your own modification to the app.

Download Timely from Google Play Store.

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