You Can Now Send Directions from Google Maps Desktop to Android

Better late than never. Google Maps finally supports sending directions from your desktop browser to your Android device. Desktops have large screens and it is more convenient to explore maps on larger screens with high resolutions. But it might be annoying that you explore the maps first on your desktop and then when you feel like going away, you search the places in your phone again and set the directions again.

But now you can explore the maps easily on your desktop and when you feel it right, set directions on your Desktop and send them to your device right away. It means you won’t have to search and set directions on your Android phone or tablet second time.

Google Maps

How does it work:

First of all you must have the latest version of Google Maps (9.11.0) installed in your Android device. Now go to the web version of Google Maps and set directions there. After setting directions, you’d see a button “Send to device”. Pressing it will show you a list of devices on which your Google account is signed in. You can send directions to any device you want. Once you send the directions, you’ll see a notification on your Android device. Tap that notification from drop down menu and your maps application will launch with the directions you set earlier on your desktop.

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