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Nexus 6 Gets $150 Price Cut by Motorola

Recently, Amazon, Best buy and even Google stripped the price of the latest Nexus sensation the Nexus 6 to just $499, Motorola joins the discount club too. Motorola is now offering you a brand new Nexus 6 on an enormous sale of $150  which would now cost you $499 for the 32GB variant of the Nexus device. Those who want a little extra storage on their phones have to pay almost $50 extra, the 64GB variant would cost you $549 — which is not much for the extra 32GB Motorola is providing.

You’d be thinking that what Motorola has to offer other than the deals ‘already’ available on other brand-stores, well, we thought that too, and of course Motorola is with us also.

Nexus 6

Motorola offers you easy installments of $27.78 for 3 years of time period for the 32GB variant of the device. The deal is just for a limited time period and would end on 23rd of June. So we’d suggest you to hurry up unless you want more pressure on that wallet of yours.

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