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Google Maps Bring Real-Time Transit Updates

Google Maps has provided us with a great assist, in finding our way in the new city to reaching the correct destination, to not having trouble finding the correct route to also having reviews of landscapes.  today Google Maps is  helping you get around easier in 18,000+ cities and towns in 64 countries, across six continents.

Well, Google just can’t stop impressing you, with the new tweak, we can see some real time transit updates in the Google Maps. What real time transit actually does is, provide you genuine updates of when where the bus you want to catch is, how many minutes is the bus away from the stop you’re standing at, or ever how many minutes would it take in real time to reach a location. Plus, its not only limited to a bus, Train travelers are also welcomed. and We guarantee you, that this amazing feature here is dependable. So don’t you ever worry about missing a bus again, play you favourite game at the bus station, or talk to your best friend on call. Google Maps has got your back.



Thou, Google has only collaborated with some networks to provide real time transit updates only for these six cites; UK,San Francisco, Budapest,Seattle, Netherlands and  Chicago. Don’t worry if you’re not in one of these cities, you can always expect a change any day, Cause Google does not leave anyone behind. Yay Google!

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