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Google Photos: Unlimited Backups, Updated App, More Features

The Photos app on Android, that came bundled with the Google+ app, has been an amazing application for browsing, sharing, editing, and even backing up photos so far. A couple of days back at Google I/O, a newer version of this app was announced as part of Google Photos.

You get almost the same features that were in the previous app, or available from Google+. Photos have been taken out of G+ as a separate Google service where they believe they can easily add more features and continue improving the service much better. A revamped app has also been launched on the Google Play Store.


The following new features have been added to the new-er version of Google Photos;

  • Pinch to zoom  –  Now you can use the pinch to zoom feature ‘inside’ the Google Photos app, not just on photos but your collection too. Zoom out to see more photos at a time, zoom in to compare photos from a near-er look.
  • Long press and  Swipe – This is a new, yet very amazing feature included by Google in their Photos app, I mean, it has always been a struggle to select hundreds of pictures manually. Right? Well, Google seems to be on your side, as this feature allows you to long press to select a photo, and then swipe up or down to select as many photos as you just by swiping your finger over that particular picture. Amazing, No?
  • Swipe left to see collections – Now you can view all your videos, your sub-folders, movies just by swiping left from the main screen of Google Photos. So long, to the complicated menu way to open collections.
  • Automatic organized pictures  – Find your favorite pictures easier than ever before, Google Photos App automatically organizes your pictures into different groups, For example, Animals, Things, People, Places etc. So you’d know where to look exactly to find the desired picture.

For those who want to download Google Photos, you can get it from the link below. We have also added a direct APK link for those who have not been able to download it from the play Store.

Download Google PhotosDownload Photos APK Here

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