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ThatsAPC – WhatsApp on PC Free Utility

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular and free Internet messaging services available for mobile devices – it got so popular, that it made people to move away from the BalckBerry Messenger. It is available on Android, iPhone, Symbian, BlackBerry etc. You can now use it on Windows and (Linux) with a free utility available for download.

ThatsAPC (WhatsApp on PC) is a free application that lets you to use your WhatsApp account from your computer without the need of any Android emulator. It is a very basic app that allows you to try WhatsApp from PC. it is created by Murcia’s University students. Lots of features are missing and are expected to be added soon.

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ThatsAPC Features:

Some of the features of ThatsAPC are:

  • Regular individual conversation.
  • Quick interface to connect and add contacts.
  • Usage of nick and status.
  • Android accounts works as a charm.
  • Keep contacts on computer to avoid the need of adding them each time.
  • Edit and delete contacts information.
  • Get images an videos as hyperlinks.

ThatsAPC Features – Coming Soon:

  • Full unicode charset support.
  • iPhone account compatibility.
  • Send and visualize images, videos, sounds and locations.
  • Add options.
  • Language translation.

We are soon going to do a full tutorial on how to use this free application on Windows and get WhatsApp working on a computer. To download this app, see below.

UPDATE: For a complete tutorial on how to set up ThatsAPC and use WhatsApp on PC, read here!

Download ThatsAPC – WhatsApp on PC

You can download ThatsAPC from the links given below:

ThatsAPC does not require any installation and is completely free to use. Drop us a comment if you find this app useful.

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