How to Install Google Camera on Poco F1, Xiaomi Mi 8 with Portrait Mode

With this guide, users can make use of Google Camera app with Portrait mode on their Xiaomi Mi 8 and Poco F1 smartphone. Whats special about this release of Google Camera is the fact that both Mi 8 and Poco F1 are the first Snapdragon 845 smartphones to have support for Portrait mode. For perspective, Pixel 2 series — latest Google devices at the time of writing with official Google Camera app — come with older Snapdragon 835. With the detailed steps ahead, we will take you through the complete procedure of downloading and installing Google Camera with Portrait mode on Xiaomi Mi 8 and Poco F1.

If you are unaware of Portrait mode, basically, through this specific mode, an AI generated bokeh effect can be applied to photos to make them look similar to what you get out of a DSLR. As it is AI implemented, it can easily be brought over to smartphones regardless of their camera hardware. Gladly enough for Poco F1 and Xiaomi Mi 8 users, they can now use Portrait mode on their phones.

Install Google Camera on Xiaomi Mi 8, Poco F1

Download Google Camera APK (with Portrait Mode)

You can find the download link ahead for Google Camera APK that supports Xiaomi Mi 8 and Poco F1

Download Google Camera: Google-Camera-for-Xiaomi.apk

You can install this app just like you would any other APK. However, as this app provides functionality that is already existing on the smartphone, hence to use it you would have to find the correct shortcut to open Google Camera and it wont replace the stock app.

How to Install Google Camera APK on Xiaomi Mi 8 and Poco F1

Camera2 API is the only requirement for this and luckily, Xiaomi Mi 8 and Poco F1 both have it enabled as stock.

Step 1 – Download Google Camera:

Step 2 – Locate the APK you just downloaded and open it to install it.

Step 3 – If you are installing an APK directly for the very first time, you would be notified to enable “Unknown Source” setting.

How to Install Google Camera on Poco F1, Xiaomi Mi 8 with Portrait Mode 1

Step 4 – After enabling, the app should install. The app would show up in your app drawer. Keep in mind, the stock camera app on your device would remain the same and this would work along side it.

That’s it! You can use the Google Camera app with Portrait mode directly on your Xiaomi Mi 8 or Poco F1.

If this instructions / guide was not clear enough or you are stuck somewhere, you can read our complete guide on how to install APK files on your Android device here:

How to Uninstall Google Camera From Your Phone

Want to switch back to the stock camera app? Uninstall Google Camera and save on storage with the steps ahead.

Step 1 – Go to Settings > Applications on your phone.

Step 2 – Tap the three-dot menu icon (top right) and select “Show system apps”

Step 3 – Now scroll down and look for the “Camera” app. Tap on it.

Step 4 – Now, click on “Uninstall”.

Note: If the there is no uninstall option, it is possible you have clicked on the stock app. Go back and choose the other option.

If you run into issues, we will be responding to the comments to this post.

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