EMUI 9.1 Update Coming to 49 Huawei, Honor Devices

Yes, you read that correctly. Huawei has officially announced a number – 49 devices – will be getting the upcoming EMUI 9.1 update. Just a few days back we reported a list of Huawei and Honor phones that are expected to be updated to the latest Android 9 Pie with EMUI 9 and now we are glad to have an official number out which is a lot bigger than what we expected.

The new list includes several Huawei (and Honor) phones and even tablets that will be updated to the new Android system and EMUI update. Why is this a big thing? EMUI 9.1 brings a whole pack of powerful features to every Huawei device. The new features blurs the line between a mid-range device and a high-end one because of the software features and addons in brings with itself.

EMUI 9.1

EMUI 9.1 Beta Testing

Huawei has already announced public beta testing of EMUI 9.1 update for the Mate 20 series. And just when that news came in, we unfortunately found that the P20 Lite update has been further postponed till June / July 2019. But atleast we are glad that the update plan is still on!

EMUI 9.1 Features

As we mentioned earlier, the new upcoming Android 9.0 Pie and EMUI 9.1 update will be bringing tons of new features. Let us share some highlights below:

  • Car key: The mobile phone turns into a car key to open the door. It currently supports Audi 7 models.
  • AR measurement: The phone can directly measure length, area, volume, height and so on.
  • GPU Turbo 3.0: GPU Turbo 3.0 is a new upgrade that covers 25 of the most popular games. This new update includes reducing SoC power consumption by 10% and optimizing the underlying system performance to provide a continuous gaming experience.
  • Other new features include: a new video generator that will create video clips with special effect and send graphics between Huawei phones with Touch Pass. And users will be able to synchronize motion data in real time.

Trying to find the list of all the 49 devices that will be getting EMUI 9.1 update? You can read all about them in detail on the following page:

EMUI 9.1 Update Schedule for Huawei and Honor Devices

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