Totallee Pixel 5 Cases Announced

Totallee Pixel 5 cases have officially been released and with that, we have an insight as to how the upcoming Pixel 5 will look. Still under wraps by Google for an announcement later this year, Totallee has said that the design has already been confirmed which is why they have went ahead and launched their Pixel 5 case.

For some time now, we have seen popular case companies launch supporting accessories for phones even when they haven’t been announced yet. Through these early announcements, we get an early look at the design of an upcoming phone. Keeping in mind that Pixel 5 is still couple of weeks away from launch, it is now an officially supported phone by Totallee and we have an idea as to how the actual phone will look.

Totallee Pixel 5 Case

Totallee Pixel 5 Case

There are two variants to the Pixel 5 case being offered by Totallee. One comes with a matte black finish and the other is transparent. The brand prides itself in making the thinnest cases on the market as evident by their previous releases such as the Thin Leather Case for Pixel 3, this follows the same tradition.

Thanks to the thin profile, this case will work with wireless charging, doesn’t have any logos on the case itself and is designed to perfectly fit the Pixel 5. More, there is a raised lip on the back camera bump to protect it from scratches.

Customers can immediately place a pre-order on the new Totallee Pixel 5 Case which will start to ship on October 15th, 2020.

Pre-order Totallee Google Pixel 5 Case

Pixel 5 Case by Totallee – Gallery

As we near the launch, we will be covering more content related to Pixel 5 including where to buy guides as well as the best deals so do stay tuned!

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