Download XperiFirm – Xperia Firmware Downloader (Latest: v5.6.5)

For Sony Xperia users, it is always a challenge to download available firmware manually but that’s about to change thanks to XperiFirm. The new Xperia firmware downloader tool lets you download each and every available firmware for all Sony Xperia devices. The software itself directly connects with the servers and lets you view all the firmware available. You can download the latest software for your phone or even download for others. Only drawback with XperiFirm is that it only lets you download, it can’t install anything. Read below to find more details about XperiFirm and get the download link.

XperiFirm supports Linux, Windows and Mac. Tools rarely support all major Operating Systems but in this case, XperiFirm does it all. It doesn’t however ship with USB drivers, that you have to do on your own. Also, as mentioned, the tool can not execute updates on it own.

XperiFirm - Sony Firmware Flash Tool
XperiFirm – Sony Xperia Firmware Downloader

XperiFirm is a software tool used to download firmware files for Sony Xperia devices. It allows users to download the latest firmware for their device directly from Sony servers, making it easier to update their phone’s software to the latest version. XperiFirm is often used by advanced users and developers to manually update their Sony Xperia device or to create custom firmware.

XperiFirm – Features

XperiFirm is an important tool when playing around with stock Sony firmware files, or if you are just trying to update or modify regions of your phone. Here is a list of features this tool brings:

Supports all Xperia devices

The XperiFirm software connects you with a database that consists of all Xperia devices. This means, you don’t need specific models to utilize this tool rather this singular package will help you find firmwares for each Xperia device.

Checks the latest firmware for device connected

When you connect your Xperia device with your computer and run this program, it will automatically recognize your device and give you an output as to what is the latest firmware for your device is.

Pause and resume download functionality

It is unfortunate but even the most latest web browsers don’t support pausing download functionality but thanks to XperiFirm, you can pause downloads and resume as you like. The tool does provide verification facility which means your files will be exactly the way they were intended to be rather than being corrupt through data transfer.

Here are some more features XperiFirm offers:

  • Direct download of firmware files from Sony servers: XperiFirm allows users to download the latest firmware for their Sony Xperia device directly from Sony servers, bypassing the need to search for firmware files elsewhere.
  • Multiple firmware versions: XperiFirm provides a list of different firmware versions for each device, making it easier for users to choose the version they want to download.
  • Easy-to-use interface: The tool has a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and find the firmware they need.
  • Support for multiple regions: XperiFirm supports firmware for multiple regions, including global, regional, and carrier-specific firmware.
  • Reliable source: XperiFirm downloads firmware directly from Sony servers, ensuring that users are getting the latest and most reliable version of the firmware.
  • Custom firmware creation: XperiFirm can be used to create custom firmware, which can be useful for advanced users and developers who want to modify their phone’s software.

Download XperiFirm – Sony Firmware Flash Tool

You can download XperiFirm from the fast download links given below. We mentioned XperiFirm supports Linux, Windows and macOS. The package for all is the same but for Linux and macOS to run this package, you need Mono software.

XperiFirm 4.9.1 – NEW: Added support for Accessories (currently, just SmartWatch 3).
– FIX: Solved the lag cause by the image loading of each device.
– FIX: Some additional internal changes had to be made as part of the incremental transition of Sony’s firmware database from the old servers to the new one. Many of the “grayed out” firmware will no longer appear on XperiFirm, as they are no longer available on Sony servers.
– MINOR: Added a “Available Releases” label for those who don’t get the hint that they have to select a release version.
XperiFirm 5.0.0 – NEW: Download management, including a download queue that’s saved on your computer and loaded on launch.
– NEW: Resuming feature, including checksum verification and automatic re-download of incomplete/corrupted chunks. Just click “Start” and the download will attempt to resume (for large firmware, the resuming might take a while).
– MINOR: Better error handling and prevention.
– MINOR: Settings: “Play a sound when a download completes”

NOTE: “Manual” button and “Unpack automatically” are both obsolete, thus were removed in this version. Firmware will always be unpacked.
XperiFirm 5.3.8 FIX: Fixed “firmware is not available” error for certain firmware that are now hosted on a new Sony server.
XperiFirm 5.4.0FIX: Fixed unpacking while using Mono for Linux.
XperiFirm 5.6.5 (Latest)XperiFirm_5.6.5.zipFIX: Fixed connection error when trying to request a customizations list from Sony’s server due to API change.

MINOR: Model tags (like “dual” and “Wi-Fi”) will no longer be included in the full device name, as it’s no longer used in official device naming.

MINOR: The “Wi-Fi” tag is now colored dark-red (“dual” tag is still colored blue). Implementation has been added for additional tags that may appear in the future, with different colors, without having to update the application.

NOTES: Due to this API change on Sony’s side, XperiFirm 5.6.2 is no longer able to fetch firmware from Sony and is not supported.

XperiFirm – More Information

Sony USB Drivers: The XperiFirm software doesn’t ship with any drivers. If you have no drivers installed for your Sony phone, please download them from here: Sony USB drivers here.

Sony Companion: For users looking to sync data from their Sony phones such as photos, media and other information, you can utilize Sony Companion app. Get it from here: Download Sony Xperia Companion.

Requirements – Windows:

  • Windows XP / Vista (till SP1): Not supported by XperiFirm
  • Windows Vista SP2: .NET Framework 4.6 should be installed
  • Windows 7/8/8.1: .NET Framework 4.8 should be installed
  • Windows 10/11: .NET Framework is already pre-installed

Requirements – Linux:

$ sudo apt-get install mono-complete
$ sudo cert-sync /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
$ sudo certmgr -ssl -m
$ sudo certmgr -ssl -m
  • (Enter Y whenever asked)
  • Now launch XperiFirm.

Requirements – Mac:

Mono Project for macOS
  • Download and install Mono for macOS
  • Enter the following in Terminal:
$ mono XperiFirm-x64.exe

To run XperiFirm on Mac and Linux, we will do a separate guide soon. For both of these platforms, you need Mono fully setup and working for XperiFirm to work. Not difficult, but requires a bit more installation.

Credits: IgorEisberg (xda-developers)

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