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You can download GBWhatsApp APK files for all versions with this article. We all use WhatsApp messenger as it is the most common and popular messaging app used all over the globe. It is the best mobile application to stay connected with our loved ones when it’s about chatting, calling or video calling. But even after becoming one of the most used phone apps, it still lacks many features that have been regularly requested by users. This is where developers come in who like to modify Android apps and add custom functionality to them. GBWhatsApp mod is also known as WhatsApp Plus because of the extra features.

To cater this gap, there is a modified app which can enhance WhatsApp and its functions to a pro level and make it even more exciting and secured for users. In this guide, we are going to tell you about GBWhatsApp mod and how to download as well as install it. You can download GBWhatsApp APK and learn more about it further in this article! For easy reference, we have made this singular post which lets you download all GBWhatsApp APK versions directly.

GBWhatsApp Download All Versions

What is GBWhatsApp / WhatsApp Plus?

GBWhatsApp is considered as the best WhatsApp mod available for Android platform because of its popularity, support, features and its regular new updates. WhatsApp has had countless mods available by different names like Yo WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus etc. However, the GBWhatsApp remains the most popular one. Its amazing features and mods make it far better than the official WhatsApp app. All the users who tried GBWS mod found it more impressive and instantly replaced it with the stock app.

This mod is more popular among users who do not want any limitations or restrictions with WhatsApp on their devices. For instance, you can also hide the “Last seen at” time and the read messages ticks from your chats in GBWhatsApp. This is the most popular mod available with over 50 million downloads.

Here are some more details about this mod:

  • Mod Name: GBWhatsApp
  • Latest Version: v8.54
  • Size: 52.1 MB
  • Last updated: 6th January 2020
  • Based on: WhatsApp 2.19.291

Main Features:

The developers behind GBWhatsApp wanted to add extra functionality over the normal WhatsApp application. This modified app doesn’t shift you towards a new platform rather it utilizes the existing framework and works on top of that. Your data, chats, contacts and any other information that you have saved on the original app would easily be carried over to GBWhatsApp. You do not need to backup or restore your current WhatsApp either, though, we’d highly recommend you do that.

GBWhatsApp on Android

As we previously detailed, GBWhatsApp helps you run two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. This feature in itself is a dream come true for business owners or even users running dual SIMs. We have seen brands like Xiaomi and Samsung make virtual copies of the app to provide this functionality but with GBWhatsApp, you don’t need anything special and you can manage both accounts without having to exit out of one.

Features like privacy options have been extended as well allowing for a more controlled experience. Image capacities have been increased, manual control on Group Chats and much more. Ahead is the detailed list of features for GBWhatsApp.

  • Privacy options for Dual WhatsApp accounts.
  • You can distinguish between regular and collective messages.
  • Open 2 WhatsApp accounts Simultaneously.
  • Dual Whats app has the ability to send the video size of 30MB.
  • You can send over 50 images using the GBWA mod at a time.
  • WhatsApp GB groups can have counter statistics.
  • Without loading the WhatsApp GB you can view media.
  • Option to hide date and name when 2 or more copies of WhatsApp web logins.
  • Easy switch between two WhatsApp accounts.
  • Hide last seen
  • Disable calls for specific contacts.
  • Send GIF Images and Selfie Flash added.
  • Ban any account without any issues.
  • Send a broadcast to 600 people.
  • The group name can be set to 35 characters.
  • Hide Second Tick
  • Custom and Modded Themes.
  • Theme server download.
  • Status can be set to 250 characters so that you can keep Big WhatsApp status.
  • You can copy friends status.
  • Change the default App icon.
  • Supports various languages.
  • Add lock to your WhatsApp without third party software.
  • Tick styles like coalfield, circle etc.
  • Comes with Media play.
  • Preview or play media without downloading.

And the list doesn’t end here. GBWhatsApp can also customize almost every aspect of WhatsApp. You can customize the following using GBWhatsapp:

  • Widgets.
  • Conversation Screen.
  • Lock.
  • Open Log.
  • Popup Notification.
  • Chat screen.
  • Media sharing etc.

Download GBWhatsApp (All Versions)

Here you can get the latest as well as all older versions of GBWhatsApp APK. This is helpful if you do not want the latest most version and want to revert back to an older one.

GBWhatsApp VersionDownload
GBWhatsApp v6.25Download
GBWhatsApp v6.80Download
GBWhatsApp v6.81Download
GBWhatsApp v6.85Download
GBWhatsApp v7.00Download
GBWhatsApp v8.5.4Download


Here is the official changelog of the latest and previous GBWhatsApp releases:

GBWhatsApp v8.12:

  • Based on WhatsApp 2.19.291.
  • Instagram like stories feature, Enable it from Home Screen -> Header.
  • Added attention while enabling airplane mode.
  • Hide recent status update.
  • [Fixed] Send in Full resolution is not working.
  • [Fixed] Preview color when have a photo background
  • [Fixed] Proximity sensor (when disabled) not working
  • [Fixed] crash for Android 4.4 users
  • [Fixed] always online is not working
  • [Fixed] 80% some are facing status download issue.. (download previous status)

GBWhatsApp v6.85:

Here is the official changelog of the latest GBWhatsApp 6.85 as given by the developer:

  • Update to the new version WhatsApp 2.19.17
  • Add new posts
  • You can make a group call What group members
  • If you select a message sent in the group you can reply to its sender individually in your own
  • Fix the addition of stickers from Google Play
  • Fix the collapse when trying to search for themes
  • Other bug fixes

GBWhatsApp Themes for WhatsApp

You cannot download, install or change themes on the stock WhatsApp app, however, if you use these modded variants of the app, you can customize the look and feel. GBWhatsApp offer a number of customization options that we even mentioned earlier in the features list. But if you want more and are looking for a set of pre-made themes, look no further.

OsmThemes is a free app on the Google Play Store that support a number of mod apps to theme your WhatsApp. It support popular mods as: GBMods, YoMods, GB Material Mod and Foud Mod.

Download OsmThemes

How to Install GBWhatsApp APK

Step 1 – Download GBWhatsApp APK from the list above.

Step 2 – Locate the APK on your phone that you just downloaded and open it.

Step 3 – If you are installing an APK directly for the very first time, you would be notified to enable “Unknown Source” setting. If not sure about this, read our dedicated guide: Enable “Unknown Sources” Option in Android.

Step 4 – After enabling, the app should install. Once it finishes, there would be a similar WhatsApp icon in your app drawer with the name ‘WhatsApp’.

That’s it! You can now utilize GBWhatsApp to manage your WhatsApp accounts on your Android device. Drop a comment and tell us how this modded WhatsApp working for you.

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