Download Camera NX 7.4 – Based on Google Camera v5.2, HDR+ for Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X

Camera NX 7.4 is now available for download. This latest release is based on the new Google Camera v5.2 which was released a few days back for the Google Pixel phones. Camera NX is the popular port of the Google Camera app that brings all the features of that app to previous Nexus and Pixel devices, also supports a number of other Android phones. In Camera NX 7.4, the app brings back support for HDR+ for Nexus 2015 devices i.e. Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P.

In the latest update to Google Camera, the developers did a clean up of the extra features and re-arranged a few options. And just like Snapchat, you can now also enable the double-tap to switch camera feature in Google Camera. All these settings can be found under the new Settings menu in the Camera app and also in Camera NX 7.4.

Download Camera NX 7.4 - Google Camera Mod

This project was initially started to bring Zero Shutter Lag (ZSL) to older Nexus phones from the first Google Pixel phone. And then soon later the developer also ported the popular Portrait Mode from Google Pixel 2 to a number of Android phones with the Camera NX 7.3 release. And now, Camera NX 7.4 enabled HDR+ for the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X and makes the app much more stable. The best part is, you get all these features from the Google Pixel 2 on any Android phone without root access. Camera NX is said to be compatible with the OnePlus 5T and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Here are some screenshots of Camera NX 7.4 in action on the Nexus 6P with all the features from Google Pixel and Pixel 2 phones:

Download Camera NX 7.4 APK:

This app comes in two different versions. One is the simple modded Google Camera v5.2 port with ZSL in it. The second version is an enhanced version which brings extra Pixel features i.e. Motion Photos. Here is the different between both the versions:

Camera NX 7.4 ZSL: This version contains ZSL HDR+, hybrid burst, 240 FPS slow-motion, 60FPS video ready, and other original Google Pixel features. This is for Nexus 2015 (Nexus 6P / 5X) running Android 7.1+, if you don’t use motion photo, you can also use this one.

Download: camera_nx_v7.4_ZSL.apk
Size: 29.88 MB

Camera NX 7.4 ZSL (enhanced): This version includes Motion photos, Diet-burst, Google photos combination and all ZSL version features. It requires Android 8.0+ on your phone.

Download: camera_nx_v7.4_ZSL_enhanced.apk
Size: 29.88 MB

NOTE: The installation of this APK is just like any other Android app APK you install manually on your phone. Camera NX 7.4 will not replace or overwrite your existing Google Camera or any other Camera app in your phone. After installation, it will show up as an independent app that you will be able to access from your apps drawer.

If you have never installed an Android APK manually before, we have a guide for you that explains how to do just that easily on any Android device. Read the guide here: How to Install Android APK Files Manually.

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