COD Mobile Season 10: Everything New Coming Up | New Maps, Game Mode, Shotgun

COD Mobile Season 10 is just round the corner and is expected to launch in less than a week. Just like each month, this new season will bring new game modes, characters, bundle crates and tons of other updates. And the most exciting part in Season 10 will be the upcoming ‘Headquarters’ game mode in Multiplayer games. Season 9 – The Conquest was a major update to Call of Duty: Mobile that brought the infamous Gunsmith to mobile, new Battle Royale map locations, Shipment game map and a long list of other changes.

As the next season is coming soon, the teasers and upcoming updates are already live on social platforms of Call of Duty: Mobile. We have gathered these updates from the global and Garena channels of COD Mobile and are already excited to see what new things are being added.

What’s New Coming to COD Mobile Season 10

Let’s take a look at all the new changes and updates that are expected to launch later this week with the Season 10 update. COD Mobile is known to pack in an entire month’s worth of new content with every season, and it looks like they will be doing it again with the upcoming one.

We already know there are two upcoming new maps in Call of Duty: Mobile, but there is a lot more content coming up. Other details were discovered during the several test server builds released last month that players enjoyed and reported back with bugs.

Terminal – Multiplayer Map

Terminal - COD Mobile Map

One of the major additions for Season 10 is the famous Terminal map that was first launched with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The mission called “No Russian” was a very controversial one due to its content in it, but the map turned out to be an all-time fan favourite in the Call of Duty series.

Terminal will be a classic Multiplayer map where you will be able to enjoy all the ‘Core’ game modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, Free For All etc. The main setting of the map is its location which is inside an airport terminal. You fight your way through the entire departure and arrival lounges. Plus, you also get to explore the aircraft cockpit.

Pine – Gunfight Map

Pine - New Gunfight Map

Since the launch of 1v1 and 2v2 game modes, we have seen a couple of smaller maps launched in COD Mobile over the last few months. Keeping in line with that, we will get another map called ‘Pine’ in Season 10. It’s a small map which has a very silent nature, but yet very dangerous. When you play in Pine, it will be all about the survival of the fittest. This map is only for the Gunfight game mode.

The map has officially been teased by the global and Garena COD Mobile teams and has been confirmed to be coming to Season 10.

Jungle-Themed Season 10

What's New Coming to COD Mobile Season 10

Call of Duty: Mobile will be finally getting a jungle-themed season with the upcoming one. Similar to how Season 9 was all about the world war era, we will see a lot more forest and jungle related character skins, weapon camos and battle crates.

Headquarters – New Game Mode

Headquarters Game Mode - COD Mobile Season 10

Season 10 will also bring a brand new game mode called ‘Headquarters’. This game mode will be similar to Hardpoint, but will feature an interesting gameplay. You have to take control of a Headquarters location and hold the position till you gain 100 points. The first team to reach 100 points wins the game.

This will be really difficult and challenging in smaller maps like in Nuketown.

New Characters

New Characters for Season 10

In Season 10, we will see Makarov (hint: Terminal) return to Call of Duty: Mobile. Along with him, we will also get Mara – Death Dealer, Outrider – Amazonas and Mace – Undertaker characters.

You can expect the usual list of new skins with weekly events that we are used to each season.

Season 10 Battle Pass Price

Battle Pass price hasn’t changed for several seasons now, so for the Season 10 Battle Pass you can expect the same price as last season. There will be no new changes. And if you have earned enough CP by playing through Season 9, you can still get the upcoming Battle Pass for free.

New Shotgun for Season 10

As per an official reply on a Reddit thread, the COD Mobile team has announced that the new weapon for Season 10 will be a shotgun. And this shotgun is actually going to be a powerful one, not one of those basics. We don’t have much on this new weapon so far, but we will update there as soon as the teasers go live later this week.

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