Download Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Official Wallpapers

Download Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Official Wallpapers 1

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 wallpapers are now available, download them directly with this guide. The new Galaxy Note 20 lineup was officially revealed today. Consisting of two phones, standard Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, the series is simple yet diverse. The Ultra variant goes all out on its hardware whereas the standard iteration includes all the practical improvements. Since this is a new phone launch after all, Galaxy Note 20 wallpapers have also surfaced which users can enjoy immediately on their current devices through the download links ahead.

Galaxy Note 20 comes with some worthwhile improvements over the older Galaxy Note 10. Be it the improved display with high refresh rate on the Ultra or 5G support, the 20 series definitely feels like an upgrade. Shipment starts on August 21st but you can enjoy the official Galaxy Note 20 wallpaper collection immediately!

Galaxy Note 20 Wallpapers

Galaxy Note 20 wallpaper collection consists of 5 unique backgrounds. All of them revolve around this abstract photo design concept of, what seems to be, stones. More, all of them have a unique color scheme, allowing for more options to choose from.

Technically, all wallpapers have a minimum resolution of 600 x 1400, the hero image goes up to 1109 x 2468. Since this is an early rip, we are expecting higher-res images, once we have those, we will update this article.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Wallpapers

For download options, we have two main routes in this article. Either you can get the complete collection through the single ZIP file or download individual wallpapers using our attached gallery.

Download Complete Collection:

Here are further details on the backgrounds:

  • Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 20
  • No. of wallpapers: 5
  • File size: 10.7 MB
  • Resolution: 1109 x 2468 wallpapers / 600 x 1400 wallpapers

Preview all the Galaxy Note 20 wallpapers below. Further, you can save individual wallpapers using these images as well, albeit at a lower resolution.

In order to get individual wallpapers, tap on the one you like and then tap and hold to save it. This way, you can cherry pick your favorite Galaxy Note 20 backgrounds.

We are always expanding our HD backgrounds repository with high-res wallpaper collections from new phones, new OS releases and more! To explore, visit our complete Wallpaper Section.

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