Download Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Wallpapers in High Resolution

Download Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Wallpapers in High Resolution 1

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 wallpapers have surfaced, download them for your phone, tablet or computer with our links. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Tab refresh is doing its rounds on the news. With multiple leaks already, we are expecting the launch to occur in the next couple of months. Continuing from Galaxy Tab S6, the new Tab S7 is expected to bring in new hardware as well as a design refresh. Further, Samsung will be tweaking the display to make its upcoming 2020 tablet offering stand out from the crowd. Speaking of display, there are some stunning backgrounds on the new Galaxy Tab S7 / Tab S7 Plus, all of which can be downloaded immediately.

It is not unusual to see stock wallpapers surface for devices that haven’t even launched yet. In the past, we have covered leaked wallpapers for Galaxy S9 and Pixel 4. Anyhow, this latest leak brings us stunning backgrounds designed specifically for Samsung’s upcoming flagship tablet, Galaxy Tab S7. Focusing on the wallpapers themselves, few of them feature vivid colors on dark backgrounds which hints that the brand will be shipping an industry leading display panel on the upcoming Tab.

Galaxy Tab S7 Wallpapers
Download Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Wallpapers in High Resolution 15

Rather than going with numerous designs, Samsung has included color variations of a single image to make up the complete Galaxy Tab S7 stock background collection. This is a rare approach but something we have seen the brand execute in the past. Users have the choice of choosing from various color combinations that each have represent a different mood.

Technically, the wallpapers come in 2800 x 2800 resolution as well as 1920 x 1920. The square ratio allows for optimal cropping and also supports scroll-able home-screen background effect.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Wallpapers

All the Tab S7 wallpapers have been compiled into a single, easy to download ZIP file, linked ahead. Further, users can also cherry pick individual wallpapers from the showcase gallery.

Ahead is the direct link to official Galaxy Tab S7 wallpapers which will also be present on Galaxy Tab S7+ (if there is such a variant announced).

Download Official Wallpapers:

Here is some additional information about the wallpapers:

  • Phone: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
  • No. of wallpapers: 12
  • File size: 73.6 MB
  • Resolution: 2800 x 2800 wallpapers / 1920 x 1920 wallpapers

Some users would be looking to get only a select few images. If that is the case, use this gallery to save the wallpapers you like:

Tap on the wallpaper you want, tap on hold the picture and then save it to your device. This is another way to get the backgrounds but we recommend downloading the ZIP file for highest quality and resolution.

We are continuously adding more collections to our Wallpaper Section so don’t forget to check it out!

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