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Latest Magisk Canary revision has been announced, it is the first version to support root on Android 11. Popular system-less root solution Magisk, by topjohnwu, was recently updated to support root on new Android R. Despite Google still developing the upgrade and hasn’t yet announced a Stable or even a Beta build yet, Magisk Canary can successfully root Android 11. If you own a Pixel phone that is compatible with Android R, you can download Magisk Canary from ahead and use it to gain root.

With each new Android version, it is always a big task for modders such as topjohnwu to port over their old utilities and make them work. Fortunately, this process has elapsed quite quickly for Magisk root as a working solution has already been released — with Android 11 still being in Developer Preview phase. Ahead, you can download new Android 11 Magisk Canary package and also learn how to root your Pixel phone with it.

Download Magisk Canary, Android 11

Download Magisk Canary for Android 11

Magisk Canary is a seperate build channel which is dedicated to developers and enthusiasts who want bleeding edge builds regardless of bugs or issues. Seeing how the main goal was to get the devices to boot Magisk with Android 11, there might be bugs but hey, the fundamental part works!

Latest build is available as a Magisk Manager app which can be used to patch boot image of Android 11 and then users can utilize it to gain root. Download Magisk Manager Canary from right ahead for Android R.


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How to Root Android 11 with Magisk Canary

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After you download Magisk Canary, here are the steps to use it to gain root on your device. As we previously mentioned, bugs are expected. For compatibility, current reports suggests it works with all Pixel Android 11 devices.

Step 1 – Depending on your device, you would need to extract the boot image from the Android 11 firmware you downloaded and installed on your Pixel. Copy this image to your device’s storage.

Step 2 – Make sure you have download and installed Magisk Manager Canary from the attached link.

Step 3 – Open up Magisk Manager and then Press Install → Install → Select and Patch a File, and select your stock boot image file

Step 5 – Magisk Manager will now patch the image you just gave it and return the patched image (magisk_patched.img) within Download folder of your device.

Step 6 – Now you need to bring back the patched image from your device to your PC.

Step 7 – Reboot your device to fastboot.

Step 8 – Issue the following commands from CMD or terminal:

NOTE: Be sure to replace /path/to/magisk_patched.img with actual path to the patched image on your computer.

fastboot flash boot /path/to/magisk_patched.img

Step 9 – Reboot your device manually or enter the following command:

fastboot reboot

That should be all! Your device should be now running root with Android 11 installed. If you ran into issues, reach us through the comments section ahead.

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