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OnePlus 8 Pro wallpapers have arrived early and here is where you can download all the official backgrounds. Releasing on 14th April, OnePlus 8 Pro will be the brand’s latest flagship for 2020. Despite difficult conditions around the globe due to COVID-19, the company will be going ahead with its online launch. We are anticipating some great hardware and even better pricing from OnePlus 8. For now, you can enjoy new backgrounds by downloading official OnePlus 8 Pro wallpapers from ahead.

Featuring Never Settle motto, there are a couple of unique designs available from the new OnePlus 8. Further, the phone has many of its details already confirmed such as the 120Hz refresh rate and 240Hz sampling rate along with the display dimensions. Suitable for tall screens, you can also crop these wallpapers easily to fit on smaller aspect ratios or even invert them for landscape displays. To download official OnePlus 8 wallpapers read right ahead.

Download OnePlus 8 Pro Wallpapers

There are 3 unique designs in this collection with 3 additional wallpapers with the Never Settle text on them. All are abstract and come in various color combinations.

The wallpapers are in 1080 x 2400 resolution, with a tall aspect ratio. Rather than going with a mix of photos and art, OnePlus has decided to only include abstract designs.

Download OnePlus 8 Pro Wallpapers

There are two main ways which you can download OnePlus 8 Pro wallpapers, you can download them all in a single ZIP file which we have linked ahead or use the attached gallery with this post to download these backgrounds individually.

Use the following link to download OnePlus 8 Pro wallpapers in a ZIP file that can be extracted directly via your phone or computer.

Here is a detailed look at all the OnePlus 8 Pro background photos:

Save these wallpapers by tapping on them and saving them as images.

You can check out more backgrounds from other new phones or even older releases such as OnePlus McLaren edition from our dedicated wallpaper section.

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