Download Galaxy S20 Cutout Wallpapers (Hole-Punch, Infinity-O Designs)

Download Galaxy S20 Cutout Wallpapers (Hole-Punch, Infinity-O Designs) 1

Here is our collection of Samsung Galaxy S20 cutout wallpapers for the Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra phones. Continuing from older Galaxy Note 10, Samsung’s latest Galaxy S20 ships with a Infinity-O display which means the front camera is integrated within a circular display cutout. Rather than having a notch, this route ensures minimal bezels and an immersive experience. Ahead you can find some clever, high-res Samsung Galaxy S20 cutout wallpapers.

Rather than having the front camera stick out, these wallpapers do a great job of using it cleverly. With cutout backgrounds, the Infinity-O hole punch integrates directly with the wallpaper. Overall, these are a great option when you are looking to hide the hole-punch on the home screen or even exemplify it using clever graphics.

Galaxy S20 Cutout Wallpapers

We have tried to compile wallpapers from various genres and styles so there is something for everyone. All Galaxy S20 cutout wallpapers are high-resolution so they fit perfectly on the new phones — standard Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus and even Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Infinity-O Display on Samsung Galaxy S20

In efforts to get rid of having to utilize a notch, Samsung employs technology that puts the front camera within the display itself. Naming it as Infinity-O, the display is cutout from the center to house the front camera and thanks to the cut being the exact size of the camera, the display just flows around it. Unlike Galaxy S10, S20 series Infinity-O is in the center just like on the Galaxy Note 10.

While cutout display isn’t proprietary to Galaxy S20 or Samsung, for that matter, but the name is certainly unique. Further, the term Infinity display was first coined when Samsung started integrating curved screens within their phones like Galaxy S8, Note 8 and more. However, this time round, Galaxy S20 features a flatter display which is definitely a takeaway from last year’s Galaxy S10.

Download Samsung Galaxy S20 Cutout Wallpapers (Hole-Punch Designs)

Here is our first collection, we will add further collections as more wallpapers come out!

Collection #1

To download and apply the above Galaxy S20 cutout wallpapers, you can download all of them via the ZIP ahead or save them individually. Once you download, apply it on your phone! Hopefully, the resolution will make the background wallpaper fit automatically otherwise you can adjust to fit the cut-out exactly.

For downloading all Galaxy S20 hole-punch wallpapers, download the following ZIP file:

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