Download Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Stock Wallpapers

Here are the official Samsung Galaxy Z Flip wallpapers that you can download right away for your Android device. Samsung, yesterday, announced yet another foldable phone called the Galaxy Z Flip. Being the first-ever foldable glass phone, new Galaxy Z Filp folds vertically rather than horizontally as seen on the Galaxy Fold. While the phone is set for official launch on 14th of February, we have already compiled official Galaxy Z Flip wallpapers that you can download from ahead.

Samsung has always been at the bleeding edge of hardware technology. While first generation devices are always a gamble, the Galaxy Z Flip is looking to be a great phone. Further, the price might seem substantially high but compared with other folding phones on the market, it is actually a bit cheaper.

Galaxy Z Flip Wallpapers

To better show off the display capabilities of Galaxy Z flip, Samsung has packed in a great wallpaper design which is inspired from flowers. Featuring a black solid background, the wallpapers work well on AMOLED and OLED displays.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Wallpapers

For convenience, all wallpapers from the Galaxy Z Flip have been compiled into a single ZIP file which you can download. And, if you are looking to download an individual background, we have attached them as well.

Here download all Samsung Galaxy Z Flip backgrounds:

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Looking to download individual backgrounds from Samsung Galaxy Z Flip background collection? View them below:

Tap on any of the above backgrounds and download them directly.

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