Download Pixel 4 Live Wallpapers for Android Phones

While the new Pixel flagship hasn’t yet been announced yet, here you can download all official Pixel 4 live wallpapers for your Android device. Its surprising how so much of the upcoming Pixel 4 has already been leaked. From its new Style and Themes app to the complete design, everything has been discovered before the official launch. Further, now you can even download and try out all the new Pixel 4 wallpapers directly on your Android phone. While only meant to run on Pixel 4, Pranav Pandey (developer) has successfully ported all new live wallpapers for 64-bit Android devices. Download the ported Pixel 4 wallpapers APK from right ahead.

Just like on the Pixel 3, there are clever new wallpapers included on the new Pixel 4. While some are animations others get updated in real-time through real-world data. However, to get those working, there is a slight workaround required. Nonetheless, you can still enjoy all the other wallpapers by downloading the Pixel 4 wallpaper APK from ahead.

Google Pixel 4 Live Wallpapers

Google Pixel 4 Live Wallpapers

There are various new wallpapers introduced with the Pixel 4. Continuing landscapes, there are new locations available. Here is the full list of all the wallpapers:

  • Living Universe
    • Tarout Bay, Saudi Arabia
    • Mount Pilatus, Switzerland
    • Uluru, Australia
  • Come Alive
    • Compass
    • Doodle All variants
    • Garden: Leafy
    • Garden: Rocky
    • Garden: Prickly
    • Sights From The Sun

Some of these might have issues running on your device but most of them are quite stable — it’s a port after all so bugs are expected.

Download Pixel 4 Live Wallpapers

You can download all Pixel 4 Wallpapers from this single APK that can be installed directly on Android devices.

File: Pixel-4-Wallpapers.apk
Size: 28.68 MB

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