Download Realme XT Wallpapers – Official Abstract Backgrounds

Realme is adding a new phone to its lineup, Realme XT and you can download all official wallpapers from the device right here. Focused towards providing great value phones that run Oppo’s ColorOS software, Realme has been making waves in the Android smartphone market. Most recent Realme XT brings in a 64MP sensor on its rear coupled with 30W fast charging. With shipping set some time later this year, you can already get complete Realme XT wallpapers for your device with this tutorial.

While users stick with one icon and widget layout on their phones for quite some time, wallpapers are something that get changed around more often than that. Further, there are always new designs coming out which gives a variety to choose from. We absolutely love the new Realme XT collection that brings in three designs, all abstract and in high-resolution. You can download all of the wallpapers from right ahead — individually or all via a single ZIP file.

Realme XT, Wallpapers

Realme XT will be available for purchase later this month but gladly enough, we already have all the stock wallpapers available right now. These designs follow a vibrant blue theme. The hero background featured in Realme XT official photos is also available ahead.

Download Realme XT Wallpapers

Below is the complete set of Realme XT wallpapers, with each at a resolution of 1080 × 2340. Thanks to this high resolution, these wallpapers can be applied to all modern phones, tablets and even laptops or displays.

If you want to download all the wallpapers at once, you can use the single ZIP file attached below.

File size: 4.61 MB

We are continuously covering and adding new backgrounds here on TeamAndroid. From new devices to new OS, we have quite a large variety to choose from. You can always view our complete collection of wallpapers here.

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