Download Newflasher – Xperia Command Line Flash Tool

Download Newflasher - Xperia Command Line Flash Tool 1

Here you can download Newflasher, the new Sony Xperia command line flashtool. If you have Sony’s latest flagship models i.e Xperia XZ2 and onwards, and you want to flash firmware onto your device, this is where Newflasher comes in. Before Newflasher, XperiFirm was a reputable utility used to flash the Sony’s flagship phones but the problem was that the XperiFirm only supported Sony’s flagship line till Xperia XZ1. So there was no other flash tool that can support the latest models like Xperia XZ2 and onwards.

Newflasher is developed by someone called munjeni on XDA-Developers. He has developed this tool which supports new Sony Xperia flagship models. If you are still wondering which flagships are supported, we have listed down the phone models below in a complete compatibility list. And also, if you don’t know how to install or use this tool we have a complete guide that explains exactly how. So, scroll down for more details on this new Newflasher utility.

Newflasher for Sony Xperia

Newflasher for Sony Xperia:

“How to change the firmware?” is the most asked question from Sony Xperia users. Having Sony enthusiasts on our team, we can relate to this question. It is a common misconception that Sony phones are locked and can not be manually upgraded. Well, that’s not true as evident by these tools.

This is where munjeni comes in with Newflasher. It’s no doubt Sony phones are not that popular as they used to be once. Custom tools that would help you modify your Sony device have stopped working or the developers maintaining these tools have gotten busy with other projects. Newflasher builds up on that and brings support for newer Xperia devices.

As mentioned earlier, XperiFirm, the popular Sony firmware tool, only supported firmware flashing up till the Xperia XZ1 series. Since then, there was no tool to properly flash firmware files on the newer models.

Compatible devices with Newflasher:

Here is a detailed list of compatible Sony devices with Newflasher:

  • Xperia XZ2
  • Xperia XZ2 Compact
  • Xperia XZ2 Premium
  • Xperia XZ3
  • Xperia 10
  • Xperia 10 Plus
  • Xperia 1

NOTE: There is a good change that the upcoming Sony Xperia 2 will also be supported by Newflasher.

Download Newflasher:

Here you can download the latest Newflasher version for your Sony Xperia device. As always, we’d recommend you download the latest release available below:

Newflasher v20 [Latest]Downloadv20 (13.12.2019)
implemented prompt for flashing bootloader,bluetooth,dsp,modem,rdimage to booth a,b slots
Newflasher v19Downloadv19 (08.10.2019)
Implemented prompt for flashing persist partition; print skipped .sin files
Newflasher v18Downloadv18 (10.08.2019)
Untested fix
Using builtin mkdir instead of calling it trought system call

If you are unsure how to use this utility, we have a complete guide below you might want to read before you attempt to do anything with your Sony Xperia device:

How to Flash Sony Xperia Firmware with Newflasher

This is a lengthy tutorial that you should definitely read up before trying anything new with your device. If this is your very first time trying to flash a firmware manually or playing with system firmware files, please read up the tutorial first. Do not proceed like this, or you will end up bricking your Sony Xperia device for good — and we really do not want that to happen.

This guide explains how to flash Sony Xperia firmware with Newflasher tool on latest phones: Xperia XZ2, Xperia 1 and more. Sony Newflasher is as powerful as the Flashtool in terms of features. Like in Flashtool you can choose what to flash, skip factory reset etc. All of these functions can also be performed using Newflasher so there is no shortage of features between the two.

For Newflasher to run effectively and properly, you need the following two software installed on your computer. We have also mentioned the reasons why you need them:

1. Sony Xperia Companion
You need this to install the correct Sony Flashmode drivers for Xperia phones.

Download Sony Xperia Companion

2. Xperia Flashtool
This flash tool is required to download the firmware you want to install.

Download Flashtool (All Versions)

NOTE: Make sure you have around 8-10 GB of free space on your computer for this tutorial.

1. Downloading Xperia Firmware

At this point we are assuming that you’ve downloaded all prerequisites software and installed them. So, downloading the desired and correct firmware for your Xperia device is critical. Make sure to see the exact model of your Xperia device before starting anything.

I’ll be referencing Xperia XZ2 Premium (H8116) in this tutorial throughout as I used that device to write this tutorial. To check the exact model number of your Xperia device, simply go to Settings > System > About Phone > Model. Once you know the exact model of your Xperia device, remember it or write it down because it’ll be used shortly. For me the exact model of my Xperia device is H8116.

Now let’s start downloading the correct firmware for your Xperia device. I’m downloading Android 9 Pie firmware 52.0.A.8.131 for Xperia XZ2 Premium (H8116).

NOTE: If Xperia Companion is running close it completely from system tray so that it won’t interfere with the process below.

Step 1 – Open FlashTool. Let it sync its devices database from the internet. It will take few seconds so please be patient.

Step 2 Click on XperiFirm button from the top menu of FlashTool.

Download Newflasher - Xperia Command Line Flash Tool 2

Step 3 From the left side search and select the exact model of your Xperia device that you remembered/noted down. For me its Xperia XZ2 Premium (H8116).

Download Newflasher - Xperia Command Line Flash Tool 3

Step 4 Once you select the device and model number of your Xperia device, see on the right side of the tool and you’ll see firmware/build number. Click that.

Step 5 Let XperiFirm download the firmware for you.

Download Newflasher - Xperia Command Line Flash Tool 4

Step 6 Once the download completes, close XperiFirm. You’ll be redirected to FlashTool automatically. Let FlashTool finish the process it is doing. Once that is complete, close FlashTool as well.

By following the steps mentioned above, you’ve successfully downloaded firmware for your Xperia device.

2. Setting up Newflasher

Setting up NewFlasher is quite easy. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1 Make a new folder on your computer’s desktop, name it “NewFlasher”.

Step 2 Simply extract all the files present in the zipped file you downloaded earlier into the new folder just created on your desktop.

Step 3 On your computer, navigate to USERNAME/.flashtool/firmwares/downloads. There you’ll find a folder named depending on what firmware you downloaded.

Step 4 Open the folder containing firmware files, select them all and copy them inside “NewFlasher” folder already created on your desktop.
And this is it, you’re ready to use NewFlasher to flash your desired firmware on your Xperia device.

3. Flashing your Xperia Phone

So, if you’ve followed all the process carefully till now, then it is time to install/flash your desired firmware on your Xperia device. Simply follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1 Turn off your Xperia device and wait for 15 seconds.

Step 2 Press and hold “Volume Down” button.

Step 3 Connect your Xperia device with your computer via data transfer cable while holding “Volume Down” button.

Step 4 Release the “Volume Down” button when you see solid green light on your Xperia’s charging and notification light.

Step 5 Open “NewFlasher” folder on your desktop and find “newflasher.exe”.

Download Newflasher - Xperia Command Line Flash Tool 5

Step 6 Execute “newfalsher.exe” as admin.

Step 7 Type “N” on first optional step the command line shows you.

Download Newflasher - Xperia Command Line Flash Tool 6

Step 8 Again type “N” on second optional step.

Download Newflasher - Xperia Command Line Flash Tool 7

Step 9 Once you’re done with optional steps, you’ll see commands being executed. This is basically the firmware being flashed on your Xperia device.

Download Newflasher - Xperia Command Line Flash Tool 8

Step 10 Just wait till all commands are executed. Once done, disconnect your Xperia device from computer and turn it on.

That’s it! The first boot after flashing new firmware on your Xperia device might take a couple more minutes than usual to start. Once the phone boots, you would be able setup your Xperia device with newly installed/flashed firmware.

So, that’s it! If you are having issues with the download link or with any of the steps from the tutorial, let us know in the comments below.

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