Download Nokia 9 PureView Wallpapers

Official wallpapers from Nokia 9 PureView are now available for download. Unique about the Nokia 9 PureView is its primary 5 camera system. Working in perfect harmony, five 12-megapixel cameras capture 10 times more light than one color sensor of one smartphone camera. The result – photos with great dynamic range, incredible depth of field and vivid natural colors. On such photos details and texture of objects in light as well as in shadow are equally clearly visible. If you are interested in the phone, you can also try out the new wallpapers that come with Nokia 9 PureView with the guide ahead.

Speaking more of Nokia 9 PureView’s hardware, it is equipped with a pOLED QHD display with a resolution of 2K. Named as PureDisplay, this technology allows for very accurate color reproduction and improves visibility in sunlight. Further there is support for HDR10 which allows for greater contrast, clarity and color saturation. As with all Nokia phones, this device also falls under Android One program. Continue ahead to get official Nokia 9 PureView wallpapers downloaded for your device.

Download Nokia 9 PureView Wallpapers, Backgrounds

Nokia 9 PureView smartphone running Android 9 Pie effectively realizes its potential for performance and power. Using AI to determine your preferences, Android 9 Pie makes it so that over time it becomes more convenient to use the phone. Longer single-charge operation thanks to the Adaptive Battery feature. App Actions are convenient shortcuts based on your frequent actions. Slices are access to the necessary applications with one click.

Nokia 9 PureView Wallpapers

These wallpapers from Nokia 9 PureView all come in high-resolution, making them perfect for modern smartphones. Also, the aspect ratio is a bit squared off so it is suitable if you want to have a scrolling wallpaper effect on your Android phone which looks very nice.

NOTE: Following is the feature wallpaper from the device, one that features in official renders, we will add more once they become available.

Download Nokia 9 PureView Wallpapers 2

Download Nokia 9 PureView Wallpapers

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