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Available for download are new Samsung Galaxy Fold wallpapers. One phone that has attracted the most attention during first quarter of 2019 is Samsung’s first fold-able device called Galaxy Fold . The Korean brand has been among the first to show a folding mobile, but the truth is that we will see quite a few on the street — probably one from each major Android phone manufacturer. Galaxy Fold being quite expensive and scheduled for release later, users can immediately enjoy its wallpapers on current devices. We have compiled all official wallpapers in their native resolutions so they can be applied directly to modern smartphones and devices. Below find how to download Samsung Galaxy Fold wallpapers.

The manufacturers of mobile phones are decided on the fact that their products should not only be attractive when they are turned off but also in the experience they provide. Combining best in hardware and best in software, Galaxy Fold is looking to be quite an innovative product. Also, by the looks of it, this form-factor seems to be practical as it can completely replace tablets. Samsung Galaxy Fold, with its inside-folding 7.3″ 1536×2152 fold-able Infinity Flex AMOLED display, will start shipping in April 2019, for $2,000. Consumers are undoubtedly worried about the durability of its hinge. To address concern, Samsung released a video that shows how the Galaxy Fold hinge system withstands multiple folding cycles. According to Samsung, Galaxy Fold will last for at least 200,000 folds. If we assume 100 folds per day, this means over 2,000 days – or almost 5 and a half years – more than usual of a smartphone’s lifetime.

Download Galaxy Fold Wallpapers

The wallpapers from Galaxy Fold all come in high-resolution, making them perfect for modern smartphones. Also, the aspect ratio is a bit squared off so it is suitable if you want to have a scrolling wallpaper effect on your Android phone which looks very nice.

Galaxy Fold’s Folding Test

Samsung Galaxy Fold Official Wallpaper Collection

This is a complete gallery of all Galaxy Fold wallpapers collection we have with us below. If you are reading this on a phone, just tap on the wallpaper you like and save that image later to be used as a wallpaper on your device. If you want to download all, we have linked a single ZIP package straight ahead as well.

Download Samsung Galaxy Fold Official Wallpapers

For users looking to get hold of all Galaxy Fold wallpapers, do so by downloading the following ZIP file:

File Size: 906.82 KB

Here are some of the most popular wallpapers on Team Android:

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