Download Samsung Galaxy S10 Ringtones for Any Android Phone

Here are all official Galaxy S10 ringtones available for download. Using the steps listed ahead, you can also try the ringtones on any Android smartphone. Samsung has packed its 10th Galaxy S flagship with some amazing hardware. Not just that, the brand has also introduced new wallpapers for it and ringtones as well. This is a tradition with smartphone manufacturers to include new content alongside their recent releases to make the experiences that more fulfilling. Gladly enough, we have gotten our hands on official Galaxy S10 ringtones that also ship on Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10+ which you can download all from ahead.

Usually, Samsung has kept its ringtones pretty standardized across all of its phones but with the Galaxy S10, there are new sounds available. Few might still overlap with older Galaxy phones but the revamped ones are worth trying out. Further, all ringtones and system sounds come in OGG format making them compatible with all Android devices. For installation, you can use our guide ahead as it addresses a general procedure which is device independent. Also, rather than individually linking ringtones, all have been packed in a single Galaxy S10 ringtones ZIP file which can be downloaded easily.

Download Galaxy S10 Ringtones, Notification Sounds

Samsung likes to update new ringtones and sounds with each flagship model. The new Galaxy S10 is no different. Ringtone names remain the same, but the tune is slightly modified each year. Same is the case with notification and UI sounds. We are sure these new ringtones will make down to other Samsung Galaxy phones coming later this year. But for those who do not want to wait can try them right away with this pack.

This latest collection of the new Galaxy S10 ringtones and sounds include:

  • 26 ringtones
  • 22 notification sounds
  • 52 UI sounds

Download Samsung Galaxy S10 Ringtones

Our single download-able package ahead contains all Samsung Galaxy S10 official ringtones, notification sounds and UI sounds. These are the same set of sounds that would be shipping on other Galaxy S10 variants: Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10+. Moreover, attached files are in OGG format which means they can be recognized easily by all modern Android devices. Once downloaded, use your smartphone’s Settings app to apply these new sounds.

Here is a fast download link for all Samsung Galaxy S10 ringtones, UI and notification sounds:


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How to Apply Samsung Galaxy S10 Ringtones

Here is a step by step procedure describing how users can apply the downloaded Galaxy S10 screenshots.

Step 1 – Download Preferably, download this file straight to your phone where you want to apply the new ringtones otherwise you would have to transfer them from your computer.

Step 2 – Download and install free RAR client that lets you unzip files. We have found RAR to be the best app available on Google Play Store for this.

Step 3 – Browse to the file you downloaded in Step 1 from within the RAR app.

Download Samsung Galaxy S10 Ringtones for Any Android Phone 1

Step 4 – Select the file by ticking the checkbox next to it and then click on the top right middle button that has a arrow pointing upwards to extract the file.

Step 5 – Now, click on Browse. From here, go to the root folder of your device — top level directory listing, where DCIM / Camera folder is located — and find a folder named Ringtones. If it is not there, you can create it. Once done, your options should look like the screenshot below.

Download Samsung Galaxy S10 Ringtones for Any Android Phone 2

Step 6 – Press on OK to extract.

Step 7 – Close the app and open your device’s Settings.

Download Samsung Galaxy S10 Ringtones for Any Android Phone 3

Step 8 – Go to Sounds and from there select Ringtones.

Download Samsung Galaxy S10 Ringtones for Any Android Phone 4

Step 9 – Now, you should be able to see all the new ringtones pop up. For applying notification sounds, just go back to the main Sounds setting menu and select Notification sounds.

Download Samsung Galaxy S10 Ringtones for Any Android Phone 5

That’s all! You should now be able to apply all new Galaxy S10 ringtones to your smartphone.

You should read up on our extended coverage of the new Galaxy S10 and find out more about its technical specifications. Further, if you are interested, you can also download official Samsung Galaxy S10 wallpapers.

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