Download Motorola One Wallpaper

With the details ahead you can now download Motorola One wallpapers for your device. Motorola’s mobiles have always been characterized by clean software, very close to Google’s Android. However, with the new Moto One, users can get an exact experience of pure Android without any customization and under the direct design lines of Google. Motorola’s new Moto One is the first ‘Android One’ smartphone from the brand. It places itself as a mid-range mobile that bears a strong resemblance to previous Motorola phones. Highlights include the well-known Snapdragon 625, 4GB of RAM and double rear camera . The novelty, in addition to being an Android One, is the commitment to a 5.9-inch screen with ‘notch’ and NFC. You can download Moto One official wallpapers with this guide directly to your android smartphone or your tablet.

Moto One is a mobile phone with splash-resistant glass body and a 5.9-inch screen with HD+ resolution in 19:9 aspect ratio. The display also features a ‘notch’. Over the last year, most manufacturers have opted for this notch to reduce bezel size and Motorola has also bought into it. The unique Moto One wallpaper that is also feature in all official Motorola One renders is available for download.

Download Motorola One Wallpaper

There is only one wallpaper but it is in high resolution with a resolution of 2160 × 2246 which can also be used for your desktop PC. The wallpaper is a great seascape taken from the above and will surely look very cool giving a decent look ot your smartphone.

Download Motorola One Wallpaper

Here is the official wallpaper Leaked from Motorola One. You can download this wallpaper by right-clicking on it and select Save Image as if on a computer or you can simply tap on any image and save it directly on your Android phone or your computer.

And if you want to download the wallpaper in a compressed file then you can get it from the download link below:

File size: 2.13 MB

This single wallpaper is enough to make your phone look good. This wallpaper are perfect for all Android devices and even further, you can try this on your computer or any other larger display due to the high resolution.

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