Download Huawei Mate 20 Wallpapers

With this article, download all Huawei Mate 20 wallpapers for your smartphone, tablet or computer. Huawei is all set to launch its latest Mate 20 series of smartphone on October 16 in London. Generally, the Mate lineup is always a step up from the P series so we expect new Mate 20 to be something quite special. As for rumors, they indicate a better battery, triple camera and even an in-display fingerprint sensor. In anticipation of the upcoming phones, users can apply all Mate 20 wallpapers on their current devices by downloading them through the ahead given guide.

If we speak of technicals, rumors have it that the new phone will have a HiSilicon 980 processor — the brand’s first 7nm processor, its battery would be have an enormous 4,200mAh capacity and also its 6.3-inch screen. Other features include, wireless charging, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Speaking of Mate 20 Pro, it would have a larger screen at 6.9 inches and an in-display fingerprint scanner. If there were doubts that Huawei intends to continue incorporating three cameras to their star phones, a real image of a supposed Huawei Mate 20 made its appearance in a report, in which the three sensors were clearly visible. From this rumor calls the attention that these cameras would have a cover to protect them when they are not in use. Ahead, get all latest Mate 20 wallpapers for your device.

Download Huawei Mate 20 Wallpapers

These wallpapers have been extracted directly from Huawei Mate 20 smartphone. These wallpapers are designed beautifully and will look good on any modern smartphones. Each wallpaper has a resolution of 2160 × 2244. Seeing the long resolution, they are perfect for modern smartphones that feature 18:9 aspect ratio.

Download Huawei Mate 20 Wallpapers

Here are all the wallpapers extracted directly from Huawei Mate 20. You can download these wallpapers by right-clicking on each and select Save Image as if on a computer or you can simply tap on any image and save it directly on your Android phone.

And if you want to download the full set of wallpapers together, you can get them from the download link below:

File size: 26.42 MB

Huawei has packaged in a variety of designs for its stock Mate 20 wallpapers. There is a great mix of abstract art and beautiful landscape. These are perfect for all Android devices and even further, you can try these on your computer or any other larger display due to the high resolution.

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