Download Android File Transfer 1.0.11 for macOS: Transfer Files from Android Devices

Here is how you can download Android File Transfer 1.0.11 utility for Mac OS. Google silently updated its File Transfer tool for Macintosh systems months back. Within this new update, there are a number of changes and improvements which are quite welcome. New AFT 1.0.11 will now only work on macOS 10.7 and higher. Before this update, Android File Transfer had only a single release version which came out many years before. It is good that Google has started focusing on this utility and hopefully, we will be able to see more updates in the near future.

For those curious, Android File Transfer tool is a program designed for Mac to make easy recognition of Android devices. Unlike Windows, which uses different system drivers, this tool is the only way you can get your Android device properly recognized on a Mac system. Despite the new update, there are still few issues that have persisted from the older version. For starters, if you updated your Pixel device to new Android 9.0 Pie, you wont be able to connect to your Mac even when you have this latest AFT version installed. Read right ahead to download new Android File Transfer 1.0.11 utility for Mac OS.

Download Android File Transfer 1.0.11 for macOS: Transfer Files from Android Devices 1

Android File Transfer 1.0.11 – Changes

For some reason, Google hasn’t released an accompanying change-list for this Android File Transfer update. The only prominent change we find is that the compatibility has been moved up to start from macOS 10.7. Further, we are hoping that this utility is designed to work well with Android Oreo devices and below. For Android 9.0 Pie, we should be expecting a new release quite soon.

Here is a side by side About screenshot for old (on the left) and new Android File Transfer tool.

Download Android File Transfer

Here is a fast direct link to download latest Android File Transfer 1.0.11 for Mac:

Download: AndroidFileTransfer.dmg

Looking for a installation tutorial? Read: How to Install Android File Transfer on Mac.

Android File Transfer Alternatives

Despite being an official utility from Google, in this specific case, there are quite a few alternatives which work quite better than AFT. One of our favorites is HandShaker. Find attached ahead a list of alternatives to transfer files on Macintosh computers.

If you run into any issues, reach us through the comments below.

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