Download Google Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL Wallpapers

Here is how to download complete set of Google Pixel 3 wallpapers. The Mountain View company just recently launched Android 9.0 Pie, and soon it will be announcing its latest flagship smartphone, Google Pixel 3 that will debut this latest operating system. The launch of new Pixel smartphones is expected to be in the upcoming few months, and as we arrive near to the launch date, more and more leaks are arriving for this upcoming generation. Google Pixel 3 lineup is expected to arrive with a Snapdragon 845 processor, which is the most powerful chip-set available at the moment for Android mobile devices, accompanied by 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. Not only that, just like in each new smartphone, Google Pixel 3 will be getting new wallpapers which you can download right now.

According to rumors, Pixel 3 will also arrive with a notch on its display. Nevertheless, big fans of the Google Pixel lineup are not very happy with Google’s decision to include a top cutout. To further enhance the new devices, Google has come up with some creative new wallpapers and despite the device not being announced yet, we have them here for users to download. From the download link given below, you can immediately download high-resolution Google Pixel 3 wallpapers for your current Android smartphone, tablet or your computer.

Download Google Pixel 3 Wallpapers

Google Pixel 3 Wallpapers

Each wallpaper has a resolution of 2880 × 2560 making them perfect for application on any modern Android smartphone. Further, these wallpapers will be able to support Scrolling Wallpaper effect due to their wide aspect-ratio. These wallpapers were unveiled in a recent Pixel 3 leak that showed us the new Pixel 3 XL in all its entirety.

Download Google Pixel 3 Wallpapers

Here you can download all the wallpapers extracted directly from Google Pixel 3. You can download these wallpapers by right-clicking on each and select Save Image as if on a computer or you can simply tap on any image and save it directly on your Android phone.

And if you want to download the full set of wallpapers together, you can get them from the download link below:

File size: 14.33 MB

Considering these wallpapers feature variety of colors and have abstract designs, these will work perfectly on all Android devices and even further, you can try these on your computer or any other larger display due to the high resolution.

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