Download Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wallpapers

Download Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wallpapers 1

Right ahead, download Samsung Galaxy Note 9 wallpapers in their native resolutions. Just yesterday, Samsung officially announced latest Note flagship and we must say, it is quite a powerful device. To commemorate it, the brand has packed in a set of unique wallpapers drafted just for the Note 9. These wallpapers work quite well to truly show the capabilities of Note 9’s display. Now, if you are waiting to buy one for yourself or are just interested in revamping your current smartphone, continue reading to download complete set of stock Galaxy Note 9 wallpapers.

Samsung has been leading the display front in smartphones for quite some time. The Galaxy Note 9 being no exception, brings one of the largest implementations of Samsung’s Super AMOLED infinity display — 6.4 inches to be precise. Further, the Note 9 ships in some quite unique colors, the highlight being Ocean Blue which has a blue exterior color but contains a bright yellow S Pen. So, to showcase the display and the new color schemes, Samsung has truly come up with some amazing new wallpapers. You can immediately official Galaxy Note 9 wallpapers for your device with the guide ahead.

Download Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wallpapers

Diving a bit into technical details, Galaxy Note 9 wallpapers arrive in perfect square resolution of 2560 x 2560 making them perfect for all modern smartphones. Further, thanks to the wide aspect ratio, you can have scrolling wallpaper effect on your home screen with these backgrounds.

Download Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wallpapers

Here are all the wallpapers extracted directly from Galaxy Note 9. You can download these wallpapers by right-clicking on each and select Save Image as if on a computer or you can simply tap on any image and save it directly on your Android phone.

And if you want to download the full set of wallpapers together, you can get them from the download link below:

File size: 10.82 MB

Considering these wallpapers feature variety of colors and have abstract designs, these will work perfectly on all Android devices and even further, you can try these on your computer or any other larger display due to the high resolution.

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