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You can download Magisk systemless root for Android devices. Android enthusiasts would have heard the popular Magisk name and for those getting to know about it the first time, it is a systemless root utility developed by topjohnwu. The main goal behind Magisk is to provide a reliable root install along with added functionality to further enhance each Android user’s experience. We will be discussing more about how Magisk implements a systemless root interface and how it is much better than other older solutions right ahead. You can also find direct links below of several versions to download Magisk for your phone.

After the introduction of Android Nougat, Magisk gained a lot of traction thanks to its extended compatibility. Recently, the utility was updated to support Android Oreo, Android P, Android and now even works with Android 11. Further, after getting feedback, the developer continuously and actively releases new Magisk root builds to address issues, bugs and include support for new device. Unlike various other root solutions, Magisk is designed to work on multiple devices from multiple manufacturers. You do not need to wait for a compatible Magisk release for each new phone / manufacturer. You can read the complete list of features below of what will Magisk offer once installed on your Android device.

Magisk – Details:

As we touched on before, the main thing which differentiates Magisk is the systemless root approach it has. Simply put, once you install Magisk, the utility doesn’t modify the system partition. This has multiple benefits, including the fact that your device still passes a lot of security checks and is able to receive OTA packages in some cases.

Further, Magisk isn’t just confined to root, Magisk Manager is a partner app which is also developed and maintained by the same developer. Through this app, you can monitor and install further mods. This Manager app ties everything together and gives you a complete root experience on your Android device.

Download Magisk Systemless Root for Android

Magisk – List of Features:

Here is a quick list of features that makes Magisk the most loved solution for rooting Android phones running Nougat or Oreo:

Open Source

Magisk is 100% fully open source and easy to build so anyone with development knowledge can start working on it.

Magic Mount

This allow you to do any system (vendor) modification without actually tampering the partitions. Anything can be loaded with Magisk systemless-ly! This makes is easy to mount partitions without having to worry if they will get corrupt while you work with them.


You can root your device with MagiskSU, which is based on phh’s Superuser, and that is based on CM Superuser. Superuser used to be the preferred way to root Android devices back during the days of Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. MagiskSU is also an open-source root solution.

Magisk Manager

Magisk Manager is an Android companion app that allows you to MagiskSU root management, upgrade magisk and manage MagiskHide lists. You can also manage, upgrade, download and install Magisk Modules from the community driven online Magisk module repo.

Magisk Hide

This hides Magisk from detections: Google SafetyNet, enterprise / bank system integrity checks, game tamper checks etc. Magisk hides your root apps and root features as well.


Resetprop allows you to do any modifications to system properties, including read-only props. This is also used along with MagiskHide to trick various device status sent from the bootloader.


Remove AVB 2.0, dm-verity, forceencrypt. You can also unlock partitions blocks to support remount to rw

Why use Magisk to Root Android?

Android users from the very start had multiple root utilities available to them. Unfortunately, most of these utilities were either device dependent or manufacturer dependent. However, after the launch of Magisk, that is not the case anymore. Magisk supports a wide variety of devices from multiple manufacturers and multiple variants. Further, across all of these devices, multiple users are rigorously testing the utility for any flaws or errors. This ensures highest level of reliability.

Utilizing the Magisk Manager app, you can also install Magisk Modules. Installing these modules lets you customize your phone at a very system level such as modifying system functions and themes. Again, these modules are proprietary to Magisk and can’t be implemented without Magisk root. The latest version of Magisk will also install the Magisk Manager.

One of the most popular uses of Magisk is to hide root on Android. If your phone is rooted, some apps may have problems running on your phone. Not just root, there are apps like payment apps that do not support any kind of bootloader unlock, root or any tampering with the OS files. This is why Magisk also lets you hide root easily to use these apps.

Download Magisk

Download Magisk (All Versions)

Here is a list of all the latest versions of Magisk root utility available for download. You can now download Magisk which is compatible with your Android device:

Note: The root package is available as a ZIP file which is meant to be flashed through TWRP recovery. Other custom recoveries are also supported, but TWPR is the most popular one.

Magisk VersionDownload
Magisk 14.3Download
Magisk 15.0 – ChangelogDownload
Magisk 15.1Download
Magisk 15.3Download
Magisk 15.4 (Beta) – ChangelogDownload
Magisk 16.0 – ChangelogDownload
Magisk 16.1 (Beta) – ChangelogDownload
Magisk 16.3 (Beta) – ChangelogDownload
Magisk 16.4 (Beta) – ChangelogDownload
Magisk 17.0 – ChangelogDownload
Magisk 17.1Download
Magisk 18.0Download
Magisk 18.1Download
Magisk 19.0 (Beta) – ChangelogDownload
Magisk 19.1 – ChangelogDownload
Magisk 19.2Download
Magisk 19.3Download
Magisk 19.4Download
Magisk 20.0 – Supports Android 10Download
Magisk 20.2 – ChangelogDownload
Magisk 20.3Download
Magisk 20.4Download [Latest Version]
Magisk 21 (for Android 11)Download (Canary build)

Last Updated: April 20, 2020

Don’t have TWRP custom recovery installed on your device? Do go through our TWRP section to find out how to install it on your Android device.

If you have any issues downloading from the links mentioned, reach us in the comments and we will attach mirrors.

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