Download Magisk 16.4: Improves MagiskHide, Android P Support

You can use this guide to download the latest Magisk 16.4 systemless root zip package to be flashed on your device. The most recent revision of Magisk comes with substantial changes which start from performance and go on to cover compatibility. For starters, Magisk (All Versions) is a systemless root package developed by topjohnwu. The main goal behind this utility is to provide root access to as many devices as possible and as easily as possible. If your device supports TWRP custom recovery, chances are, Magisk 16.4 will be able to run as well and allow you to access root apps and mods. Read ahead to download latest Magisk 16.4 flashable zip utility for your Android device.

Recently, Magisk was updated to fix errors and bugs. Now, Magisk 16.4 arrives with the same essence but rather than sticking with bug fixes, it introduces loads of improvements. Existing users can use the download ahead to update their root access while users who have stock devices can use it to gain root for the very first time. Along with the download link ahead, we have also attached the detailed change-log for readers who might be interested in finding out more about Magisk 16.4 changes and features.

Download Magisk 16.4

Magisk 16.4 – Latest Changes:

Here is a detailed rundown of all the changes for Magisk 16.4 as written by topjohnwu himself:

  • Directly check logcat command instead of detecting logd, should fix logging and MagiskHide on several Samsung devices
  • Fix startup Magisk Manager APK installation on Android P
  • Switch from AOSP u:r:su:s0 to u:r:magisk:s0 to prevent conflicts
  • Remove unnecessary sepolicy rules to reduce security penalty
  • Massive re-design /sbin tmpfs overlay and daemon start up
  • Remove magiskinit_daemon, the actual magisk daemon (magiskd) shall handle everything itself
  • Remove post-fs stage as it is very limited and also will not work on A/B devices; replaced with simple mount in post-fs-data, which will run ASAP even before the daemon is started
  • Remove all 64-bit binaries as there is no point in using them; all binaries are now 32-bit only.
  • Some weirdly implemented root apps might break (e.g. Tasker, already reported to the developer)
  • Add Protobuf encode/decode to support manipulating persist properties on Android P
  • Include app sub-services as hiding targets. This might significantly increase the amount of apps that could be properly hidden

Why use Magisk to Root Android?

For root, there are a couple of options you can choose from. However, the most reliable, secure and efficient still remains to be Magisk. All of these properties are integrated into Magisk by continuous testing of the app in various scenarios and devices. Further, Magisk follows a systemless approach. Simply put, Magisk doesn’t modify the system partition hence allowing for a more cleaner install which can be removed easily if need be.

Also, unique to Magisk, are the Magisk Modules which you can install and operate using Magisk Manager app. These modules add in functionality to your smartphone and also allow you to modify certain functions to your needs. As said previously, you wont be able to run these modules on any other root utility.

Download Magisk 16.4:

You can download the latest Magisk 16.4 zip package from the link below.

Download File:
Size: 4.29MB

Looking for older Magisk versions? Read: Download Magisk (All Versions)

The utility is available as a ZIP file which you can flash through a custom recovery like the famous TWRP from the guys at TeamWin. Check our TWRP section to learn how to download and install TWRP recovery on your Android device.

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