Download Xiaomi Mi 6X Wallpapers

Download Xiaomi Mi 6X Wallpapers 1

Right ahead, we have linked all the Xiaomi Mi 6X wallpapers which you can download and apply on your current device. The new Xiaomi Mi smartphone is set to launch in the upcoming weeks. Luckily, right before the launch, complete set of wallpapers has been leaked along with brochures and official renders. The amount of wallpapers are limited to 5 but they are clean and minimal. You can use these Mi 6X wallpapers on your current smartphone or even tablet.

Guessing from these wallpapers, the new Mi 6X would be following an 18:9 screen ratio which is also in line with leaked renders. Users who are looking to spice up their current devices or are looking into buying the Mi 6X, can utilize this guide to obtain native wallpapers which have been gathered directly from the device. We have linked ahead Mi 6X wallpapers individually as well as in a single ZIP archive file.

Download Xiaomi Mi 6X Wallpapers

These wallpapers have been uploaded in their native resolution. The resolution, as previously discussed, is at 1920×960 which indicates the 2:1 screen resolution. Making these wallpapers adequate for use on latest flagships which follow similar dimensions of display.

Download Xiaomi Mi 6X Wallpapers

Coming to the design aspect, all of the wallpapers are based on floral designs. There are 5 different iterations of the design and each with its unique color scheme. We wish Xiaomi included more options but these wallpapers will do the job as well. Users who are viewing this page on their mobile devices can Tap and Hold to save individual wallpapers from the gallery below or just simply download all of them in a single ZIP file.

Right ahead is given a downloadable zip archive of Xiaomi Mi 6X wallpapers (complete set).

File size: 4.87MB

Let us know that what do you think about this new smartphone and how do these wallpapers look on your smartphone. Also, we have also gathered few other HD wallpapers from Huawei Honor 10Xiaomi Black Shark and Vivo V9.

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