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Users can now download Magisk 16.3 Beta utility to gain root on Android smartphones and tablets. The newest release comes right after users started reporting that Pokemon Go doesn’t run alongside Magisk. One of the various reasons of why Magisk has become so popular, is that it passes SafetyNet – Google’s security framework. This means, you can easily run official apps and services without issues. Magisk 16.3 has come out to specifically address Pokemon Go app which implemented its own check to avoid running on rooted devices. Further, as always, Magisk 16.3 carries performance improvements and comes with increased compatibility.

In the last Magisk 16.1 Beta, support for Android P was rolled out. Now that some time has passed after that release and the older version has gone through more testing, some bugs that were persistent have been addressed in Magisk 16.3 Beta. The last stable release, however, remains to be 16.0 which soon will be updated once topjohnwu — developer of the utility — adds further substantial changes. Nonetheless, you can download Magisk 16.3 Beta through the link given ahead.

Download Magisk 16.3 Beta

Magisk 16.3 Beta – Changelog:

Here are the release notes for Magisk 16.3 (Beta) as mentioned by topjohnwu:

  • Remove Backward Compatibility Symlinks
    • The paths of some static files have been moved to secure directories for quite some while. I’ve added symlinks to reduce breakage at that time, but it also introduces a ton of dirty workarounds into the hiding mechanism. The module template was already updated with these changes for over 4 months, I think it is about time to remove these symlinks.
  • Remove SafetyNet Blacklists
    • Previously, Magisk Manager has an internal list of apps that uses SafetyNet. It will blacklist these apps to prevent users from double hiding them. However a recent update of Pokemon GO introduces its own detection method in addition to the existing SafetyNet check, so I decided to simply just remove this list all together. Pokemon GO users will now need to explicitly add the app to the hide list for the best experience.
  • Future Plans
    • I’m aware of Magisk currently doesn’t work on Samsung S9(+). It is most likely caused by yet another weird Treble implementation from OEMs. So the next goal is to of course add support for these new Samsung devices. Also another controversy news has caught the spotlight: Google banning none certified devices from Google Play Services upon setup. This can be workarounded with installing Magisk before running the setup. I would love to add some optimization so it can play better with Treble ROMs (GSI) out of the box to prevent these issues. But keep in mind that I’m still in charge of the military training, so development will be slow.

Why Choose and Install Magisk?

Magisk is a utility which provides root access on your smartphone. Unlike older implementations, Magisk is a very clean package that doesn’t modify the system (systemless root) and also passes SafetNet. These two fundamental points put it ahead of any other alternative that is available right now. To even further Magisk’s case, it supports the latest Android P version which is currently being tested by Google on Pixel devices.

Rather stopping there, thanks to the popularilty and developer support, Magisk has its own repository of mods which can be installed through Magisk Manager – known as Magisk Modules. And even if you don’t utilize the Manager app, you can still download and install root apps such as FlashFire which allow you to flash system software directly through your device.

Download Magisk 16.3 Beta:

You can download the latest Magisk 16.3 Beta package from the link below.

Download File:
Size: 5.35MB

Looking for older Magisk versions? Read: Download Magisk (All Versions)

The utility is available as a ZIP file which you can flash through a custom recovery like the famous TWRP from the guys at TeamWin. Check our TWRP section to learn how to download and install TWRP recovery on your Android device.

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