Download Magisk 16 – Now Supports Huawei Devices with Project Treble

Download Magisk

Here is the latest Magisk 16 for download. This latest root package is now available for Android phones with support for several new devices that previously weren’t able to install this. Magisk is no doubt one of the most popular systemless root utility. And with the release of Magisk 16, topjohnwu – developer and maintainer of Magisk – adds support for the Huawei Mate 10, Mate 10 Pro and the Honor series devices that had Project Treble support. Huawei devices such as Honor and Mate 10 lineup will benefit most from this as now Magisk supports them. All in all, the new Magisk 16 is a welcome update and you can download it from the direct links below.

Magisk is majorly known for its systemless approach and its compatibility with modern Android devices. The root utility works quite well with newer smartphones and also provides great reliability with root-dependent modules and apps. If you were having bootloop issues or any other issues with previous iterations, we recommend to give Magisk 16 a try by downloading it from the links ahead.

Download Magisk 16

Magisk 16 – Changelog:

Here is an official changelog for the latest release of Magisk 16 (stable):

F2FS Crash Fix

  • AOSP upstream updated SQLite to 3.21.0+, and starting from that version introduces a new atomic write ioctl to eliminate the use of journal files. That optimization is only available on F2FS filesystems.

Support for Huawei Treble Devices

  • Support for Huawei/Honor Treble devices (Mate 10/10 Pro/View 10) is officially added to Magisk.

NDK Compiler Bug

  • Due to complicated reasons, Magisk release binaries are all compiled with the very old NDK r10e. However the x86/x64 compiler contains an optimization bug causing critical strings being stripped out of the binary, which wasn’t fixed until r13 when Google switched from GCC to Clang. This causes some bootloops on some devices in v15.4, and by using a workaround, this issue was eliminated.

Why Choos and Install Magisk?

Magisk root utility is just one method from a plethora of options available for gaining root on an Android device. However, the advantages it has over others are quite strong. Starting off with the fact that it is a systemless root utility which means it doesn’t actually modify the system partition. Now, when the system partition isn’t modified, it is easier to handle OTA (over-the-air) updates especially when using an app like FlashFire which lets you flash firmware directly from your device and it also allow re-roots them so that you don’t get reverted to stock settings.

Once rooted, the functionality of either a systemless root or a standard approach utility isn’t any different. However, with Magisk, if you install Magisk Manager, you can install Modules which are native to it. These modules do come in handy when customizing Android.

Download Magisk 16 Stable:

You can download the latest Magisk 16 package from the link below.

Download File:
Size: 5.33MB

The utility is available as a ZIP file which you can flash through a custom recovery like the famous TWRP from the guys at TeamWin.

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