Download Beta Magisk 15.4 – Carries Optimizations

You can now download the latest Beta Magisk 15.4 zip package from the guide ahead. XDA Developer, topjohnwu has been hard at work in order to optimize and make Magisk a whole lot better. The new Magisk 15.4 version is currently in beta but it carries quite important and large changes. These new additions make the whole root utility a lot faster, a lot more reliable. As with every release, beta Magisk 15.4 will be pushed to the stable channel when it has been extensively tested by users. Furthermore, the addition we like the most is improvements to Magiskboot which now supports an even larger number of devices. Read ahead to find beta Magisk 15.4 download link and a complete changelog.

Magisk has gained traction over the past few years by providing a great systemless root solution. Its ease of use, consistent updates and a large user base makes it the premiere root utility. Beta Magisk 15.4 comes as an enhancement to the previous 15.3 revision. Right below, we have listed the complete change-log for beta Magisk 15.4 along with a fast download link to it.

Download Beta Magisk 15.4

Beta Magisk 15.4 – Details:

Here are the release note for beta Magisk 15.4:

  • Massive MagiskBoot Improvements
    • A lot more boot images are supported with magiskboot.
  • Massive Magisk Manager Optimizations
    • Removal of JNI in Magisk Manager, and great simplification in Magisk’s building system for signing zips. Also, the portion of dealing with root is migrated to libsu, an Android Library. There are also massive improvements in the way Magisk Manager handles the superuser database.
  • Socket Obfuscation
    • In previous Magisk releases, the daemon listens to a specific Unix socket, and requests can be sent via the socket to remotely start a root shell from the daemon and connect STDIN/OUT/ERR to the current terminal/process. So technically speaking, a process can directly talk to the socket instead of calling “su”, since what “su” does can be oversimplified as basically establishing a socket connection to the daemon. This means that even if MagiskHide is enabled, any app can discover the socket entry Magisk uses and detect, or even request root access. Starting from this release, the socket name will be randomly assigned each time the device boots up, so processes with MagiskHide enforced can effectively be blocked from root access.

Download Beta Magisk 15.4

You can download Beta Magisk 15.4 package from the link below. This is a ZIP package which can easily be flashed through a custom recovery like TWRP.


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What change are you more looking forward to in the new beta release? Let us know in the comments below!

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