Download Magisk 14.3 – Brings New Invincible Mode

The popular Magisk root app just got updated to Magisk 14.3 which brings improvements and better compatibility with newer Android devices. Magisk is an upcoming root solution that is widely popular with devices that have a near to stock boot image implementation. The Magisk ZIP package is meant to be flashed through a custom recovery to gain root. Further, you can then install Magisk Manager APK to monitor root and apps using root functionality. The new Magisk version is set to support newer Android revisions and also a lot more devices. Read ahead to download Magisk 14.3 and get details on what has changed.

The previous major Magisk iteration, 14.0, brought a very big change that was support for Pixel A/B partition structure that more and more devices will be adhering to. The 14.3 version refines on that release and adds more functionality. It carries, what topjohnwu — developer behind Magisk — calls, “Invincible Mode”. This mode is to address root loss issues in where users find out that root is no longer functioning properly. Given ahead is the download link for Magisk 14.3.

Download Magisk 14.3 - Brings New Invincible Mode 1

Magisk 14.3 – Details:

Magisk is the number one system-less root solution available. It has seen countless number of updates over the past years keeping it up to date with Android releases. The new Magisk 14.3 brings countless number of changes which include the “Invincible Mode” that helps retain root functionality. Further, it supports Pixel device’s A/B partition structure which will soon be arriving on more and more phones. The compatibility has been increased as well. More devices can be rooted using latest Magisk revision.

Download Magisk 14.3

Here is the download link to Magisk 14.3 ZIP package which can be flashed through a custom recovery like TWRP.


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