Download LG V30 Stock Wallpapers

You can now download LG V30 stock wallpapers from the direct link below. Looking to buy the new LG V30 or are intrigued by its design? Use this post to download all LG V30 stock wallpapers for your device. The LG V30 is featuring a bezel-less display with amazing hardware. To showcase the display and its sheer size, LG has come up with a variety of wallpapers that set the mood on the device. The beauty of Android is the customization it offers. Starting off with LG V30 wallpapers, you can mimic the new UI on your current device. We have sorted all 22 wallpapers found on the LG V30 in a single zip which can be downloaded from the link given ahead.

These wallpapers are equipped perfectly for the high resolution display found on the LG V30. Exact resolution is 1224 in width and 2448 in height. For the keen users out there, they would notice this somewhat of a weird resolution. This is because LG V30 follows a narrower design while fitting a larger display. Nonetheless, after some cropping these wallpapers can be used on 1080p and 1440p devices. Read ahead to get the download link for LG V30 stock wallpapers.


Download LG V30 Stock Wallpapers

Download LG V30 Stock Wallpapers

As mentioned previously, the wallpapers are of 1224×2448 resolution hence making them perfect for phones with 1080p display or 1440p displays. As for the wallpaper themselves, they follow toned down colors with abstract patterns. Some of these wallpapers feature a “V” design to mark the V30 but they would escape easily on other phones. Further, the wallpapers are 22 in number which gives you a lot of options to choose from.

Download all the LG V30 wallpapers from below:

On a related note, you can download Huawei Maimang 6 wallpapersGalaxy Note 8 wallpapers and Xiaomi Mi 6 wallpapers as well for your Android phone. There may be many apps offering these wallpapers on the Google Play Store, but the safest way is to download wallpaper ZIP files yourself and use them.

Let us know what wallpapers from other devices you would like in the comments and we will publish them soon.

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