Download iPhone 8 / iPhone X Wallpapers

Download official iPhone 8 and iPhone X wallpapers for your Android device using the links given ahead. Apple has come out with two new iPhone model lines for 2017 – iPhone 8 and iPhone X (pronounced iPhone Ten) – and with that, they have introduced a new UI and new wallpapers to go along with it. You can download all iPhone 8 and iPhone X wallpapers for your own device from right below. A lot of the newly announced features of the iPhone have already been made available in various Android flagships of this year. However, giving credit to Apple, the new iPhones do come with some amazing high resolution wallpapers. We have wallpapers, as mentioned, from both the iPhone X and iPhone 8, download all of them through the links below.

Android has always been the most customizable OS when compared with iOS. Using that customization, you can easily mimic whats on the iPhone on an Android phone. Yes, you wont get the hardware but with the software, there are a lot of themes that give you the look and feel of an iPhone. Starting off with the wallpaper, you can easily pull of the new iPhone X look on your Galaxy S8 and show off that infinity display without the notch as found on the iPhone. Read further to find the download link for iPhone 8 and iPhone X official wallpapers.

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iPhone 8 / iPhone X Wallpapers

Download iPhone 8 and iPhone X Wallpapers

There are a total of 20 wallpapers that have been extracted from the iPhone 8. You can download them all for your Android device. These 20 wallpapers come in a square resolution of 2706×2706, making them adequate for up to 2K displays. For the iPhone X, it has a wallpaper with resolution of 1255×2712 in order to accommodate for the larger screen size and resolution.

Download all the iPhone 8 and iPhone X wallpapers from below:

On a related note, you can download Galaxy Note 8 wallpapers and Xiaomi Mi 6 wallpapers as well for your Android phone. There may be many apps offering these wallpapers on the Google Play Store, but the safest way is to download wallpaper ZIP files yourself and use them.

Let us know what wallpapers from other devices you would like in the comments and we will publish them soon.

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