HandShaker: Android Files Manager App for Windows

HandShaker app is an Android files manager built to provide you an easy to use solution for synchronizing your Android phone with your computer. Android doesn’t come with any official partner app that universally works rather it is encouraged to use your phone as an USB. For users, who want simplicity and a clean UI, HandShaker is the go-to app. The program works like an explorer window showing you data categorized into unique fields.

We will be showing you how to set up the HandShaker app properly for Windows in the article below. However, if you have a Mac, HandShaker supports that too, read: How to Setup HandShaker on Mac OS. For Windows versions, it is best if you have a PC that runs Windows 7 or higher. It is unknown to as whether it will install on earlier revisions.

Android Files Manager - HandShaker

Smartisan produces Android smartphones and to provide sync features to its users, it has come up with their own built utility, HandShaker. Fortunately, this app works universally with all Android smartphones. The basic principle of this app relies on making a secure connection with your phone and then manipulating that data to be easier to read. Furthermore, HandShaker by Smartisan is a very light app and wont have a large impact on your system storage.

The HandShaker program mimics what iTunes does for iPhone. It provides you with a single app that can sync up your music, photos and data. Be it your downloads or the photos you took from your camera, all have been sorted into their own categories. Further, if you want more control, the program lets you browse it like in a normal explorer.

Statistics like battery percentage and storage capacity are also shown on the bottom of the program. Once you are finished, you can easily eject your phone and safely disconnect it from your Windows computer.

Download and Install HandShaker on Windows / Mac

The screenshot you see above is what you get once you are done setting up the app on your Android phone and Windows computer. We’ll get to that later, but first let us see how to set it up.

Step 1 – Download HandShaker for Windows (or Mac) and install it on your computer just like any other app.

Step 2 – Once the installation is complete, you will see the following screen on starting the HandShaker app.

HandShaker: Android Files Manager App for Windows 1

Step 3 – Now connect your phone using the USB cable to your Windows computer. As soon as you do, you will be prompted with a screen as shown below. Tap View to continue.

HandShaker on Android

Step 4 – Next your Android browser (Chrome or any other) will open and you will be prompted to download a file called HandShaker-official.apk – alternatively, you can get it from here: Download HandShaker.apk

Step 5 – Install the app on your phone.

HandShaker: Android Files Manager App for Windows 2

Step 6 – After the app installation, you will need to remove and plug in the USB cable (from your phone or computer) to reset the connection.

Step 7 – As soon as you plugin your phone again, you will see a prompt on your Android phone screen asking if you would like to set HandShaker as the default action. You can skip this part for now (if you just want to try out) and tap OK to proceed.

HandShaker Android Default Selection

NOTE: If the above step doesn’t work and nothing appears on your Android device screen, make sure you have enabled USB debugging option in your device. Read: How to Enable USB Debugging Option in Android Devices.

Step 8 – That’s it! Next, you will be able to see all your Android phone files on your Windows computer as the screenshot below.

Android Files Manager

These steps are all that you need to set up your device with your Windows machine. Once done, you can connect your phone to your computer anytime and HandShaker would automatically connect.

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