Download Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Official HD Wallpapers

Samsung is preparing to launch the newest generation of its Tab lineup, the Tab S3. The announcement event is set to occur later in the month but fortunately, we have the wallpapers already. These are official High Quality wallpapers taken straight from the firmware that would be running on the new Tab S3. The resolution of these wallpapers is 2048×2048 which means you can even apply them on 2K screen smartphones. The resolution also indicates that the Tab S3 will come in a more square ratio just like the Surface from Microsoft. You can download all Galaxy Tab S3 wallpapers coupled in a ZIP file from below.

As for the wallpapers themselves, they are abstract art mostly following Material Design elements. The wallpapers are 13 in total with majority following a blue color pallet. Once you download them, you can directly apply them to your device and enjoy.

Download Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Official HD Wallpapers 1

Download Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Official HD Wallpapers 2

Download Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Official HD Wallpapers:

Get all the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Wallpapers bundled into one ZIP file from here: Download Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Wallpapers


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