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Tapet App – Generate HD Wallpapers on the Go

Tapet; a word that was used for wallpapers a long time ago. Well yes, it has been redesigned today to make your smartphones better. Tapet is a first of it’s kind wallpaper app which lets you choose between countless number of wallpapers. Bored of looking at same old home screen everyday? Well say no more, Tapet is here to add some life to your smartphone.


What Makes Tapet Special? 

What makes Tapet special is that it uses an algorithm which is designed to make gazillions of combinations of wallpapers, which provide you with unlimited amount of wallpapers everyday, and guess what? It gets upgraded each day.

Another meaning of “Tapet” can be “Tap-it” and that is what the application is based on. You just tap the screen and a whole new amazing wallpaper appears. Be any other design or be material design, Tapet makes it sure each and every wallpaper is amazing and worth setting up on your homescreen. Tapet makes each and every wallpaper according to your screen’s resolution, making it possible to create the Highest Resolution Possible wallpaper for your homescreen. What makes is more amazing is that none of the pictures are being downloaded from the internet. Each and everyone of the wallpapers are being generated instantaneously on your device. It also allows your to color pick, so you could get a wallpaper of your favorite color. It let’s your chose your favorite theme, which is being updated in every version, it lets you add widgets, lets your generate your own patteren and what not. All these, added with smooth transitions makes it even sweeter.

All in all this is the defination of a perfect wallpaper app, and definitely a must have for any smartphone, plus the wallpapers generated are not “live” wallpapers, hence they won’t consume your CPU or battery, so you can stop worring about it and enjoy the perfect wallpaper on any device you want. Go download it now, and leave your remarks in the comment section below.

Google Play: Download Link


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