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Huawei P8 Official Wallpapers – Magazine Unlock and Pre-Loaded Pictures

Huawei P8 comes with a beautiful set of wallpapers, and you can now download them for your phone, tablet or even your computer. Over the past couple of days, we have been bringing a lot of content related to the Huawei P8. As part of that series, we have a new post today. This phone comes with these bright and colourful wallpapers that look great on any screen. They are all portrait, but you can even use these on your tablets or computers.

There are two sets of wallpapers included with the Huawei P8. One is the set for “Magazine unlock” lockscreen. And the other are some pre-loaded pictures that come with the phone. We have attached a couple of wallpapers below, or you can download the entire set from the download link below.

huawei-p8-wallpaper-1 huawei-p8-wallpaper-2
Beautiful, eh? Download these all from the link below.

Download Huawei P8 Wallpapers

You can download the complete collection of wallpapers from here: Download Huawei P8 Wallpapers



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