Temple Run 2 Getting Fawad Khan in Lost Jungle Map Update

A new Temple Run 2 map expansion update was teased last week at MWC called “Lost Jungle” and by the looks of it, we will be getting a new playable character. This new character has a very strong resemblance with Fawad Khan, a popular actor in Pakistan and India. Imangi Studios has not confirmed the name of the new character yet, but the artwork posted by the creators definitely show that it is Fawad Khan.

This new update to Temple Run 2 was teased at the launch of LG G6 last week at the MWC. LG has partnered up with several game publishers to update their games to support the 18:9 aspect ratio display screen on the new LG G6 phone.

Fawad Khan in Temple Run 2

Temple Run games have been downloaded over 1 billion times and is very popular in the South Asian countries. This is not the first time Imangi Studios have had celebrities as playable characters in Temple Run. Over the years, we have seen them adding Bruce Lee, Usain Bolt and many NFL players.

As with the above image, Imangi Studios have been teasing the new update with the following:

What new explorers will emerge to escape the Lost Jungle? #LostJungle #ComingSoon

There is not much to tell right now, but we will be posting more updates as the game gets released. We are expecting the game to be launched around the same time as when LG G6 goes on sale.

[Via AndroidPakistan.com]

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